August 7 - September 1, 2009


Pravus Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona will present an exhibition of new work by two emerging artists Nick Baxter and Adrian Dominic who have been friends and artistic collaborators for several years. This split show will open on August 7 and continue through September 1, 2009. Nick’s portion of the exhibit will feature three thematically interwoven series of conceptual and self-portrait photographs entitled ‘Healing.’  Adrian's portion, entitled "Gutter", will feature a new series of oil paintings and sculptures built over the last year.  Nick and Adrian will also have on display several collaborative pieces the two have completed over the years.  The opening reception from 7-11 pm on August 7 will coincide with Phoenix’s ongoing First Friday art event.


The exhibition “Healing” is a personal examination of the roots of aggression and suffering through the lenses of Buddhist and Western psychology.  The photographs employ symbolism from particular teachings of Buddhist psychology to create a series of metaphors for the human condition. These works focus on personal conflict, addiction and neurosis in order to relate them to universal human qualities—striving towards a compassionate awareness of the human struggle in order to transform suffering.  The photographs range from macro close-ups of bloodied skin to a narrative self-portrait photo essay, and are all visually related through the use of similar lighting and color.