Meta (meh’tuh) [Origin: Ancient Greek] Beyond; transcending; more comprehensive. A prefix meaning one level of description higher.


Meme (meem) [Origin: Ancient Greek mimma - mimeme] A unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by action from one mind to another.


The impact of memes is a powerful force witnessed everywhere consciousness exists; they are the mental systems we construct to make sense of our world.  Memes have remarkable resiliency and vitality, being spread like viruses from one human to another through all means of communication and observation.  All human culture consists of, and is defined by, memetic units of information.


The NB MetaMeme is a totem, a communication through symbols depicting the conscious exploration of ideas that shape my life, and the mental systems that guide my behavior. Its purpose is to deepen my focus on intentional living and self-transformation.


Through a level of observation above a particular meme, the purpose of that meme may be more effectively studied within the larger context. One may restructure their thought processes to adapt, so that elevated awareness becomes the process of “meta-memeing.” This creates a state where the observer’s awareness resides in the present, and actions become conscious in relation to the meme in which they are involved. One gains greater understanding of their particular role within the perpetuation of that meme and may consciously seek to cultivate it through specific means. Intentionalization is the tool by which one can explore the purpose of a meme and its role within the greater evolutionary system. When this notion is understood and applied personally and within a community, it may then become a means of consciousness evolution and self-transformation.


Living with intention involves an awareness of the memes or ideas that we’re pursuing, and an active role in understanding why we’re driven by those memes. Through this understanding, we can transform ourselves by learning ways to live more consciously, creatively, and effectively. This is an inherent need in the conscious function, health, and sustainability of any community.


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