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front spring

Posted by Roumen from IP: on 06/07/12
mississauga, on Canada - website

My front springs gets heavily pitted after about 5 months of use. I recently switched to new machines, before I was working with some new generation, and the springs wore out way slower. I run my new machines on less volts 4.5 - 6.5. and push nothing bigger then a 15 mag. Is this normal? They are really good irons by an amazing builder. How long should my front spring last, given I use the machine every day? Whats causing the heavy pitting and why do the springs on eikon machines last so much longer?

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Contact cleaner

Posted by Jerry San Martin from IP: on 06/24/12
South El Monte , Ca United States - website

I have an article on machine maintenance on my site: I sell a contact cleaner that will help in reducing wear.

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