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Posted by Roumen from IP: on 07/08/12
mississauga, on Canada - website

What are some good coil machines that run slow enough for doing dotwork. I'm not a big fan of rotaries, and was wondering if there is a way to slow a coil machine down to that level.

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slow down dc machine

Posted by Mystic from IP: on 07/10/12
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - website

you will need to go to a very long, soft front spring and have very big throw, the only to slow D.C. down without loosing hitting power.

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dot work

Posted by Jerry San Martin from IP: on 07/21/12
South El Monte , Ca United States - website

You should really consider using the HYPER rotary from stigma it can be slowed down considerably and the hit adjusted for coloring. Its a fine machine and in my humble opinion would work great for what you're looking for. Also, check out my website for more tattoo info:

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Posted by Sascha Schneider from IP: on 01/28/13
Lontzen, DG Belgium - website

I'm not a pro, so don't take my word (haven't done this in real - pure theory)...
there are different vids on youtube where people do dotwork with coil machines ...
dot for dot ... soft spring, lower volt ...
but Jerry is right, if you wanna tattoo in kinda one trace you should consider a rotary with long stroke (f.e. the stigma's, hummingbird ...) and low volt

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Posted by dagat from IP: on 05/13/13
cebu, cebu Philipines - website

47uf machine on slow volts in cooperate of bronze contact screw to reach the tip point of long standard soft frontspring /18gauge.; if not enough higher your capacitor on next uf value.

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