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Posted by Berg on 12/29/10

I have tried several brands of Magenta and have found that all of them go in much slower then most other pigments. Doesnt matter if they are thicker or thinner. Is it just me or do others feel the same way?

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Posted by Conor Blue Eyes from IP: on 12/31/10
Sarasota, Florida United States - website

if you haven't already give a try. all the colors ive used have about the same consistency with the magenta actually being one of my favorite must haves.


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Posted by will from IP: on 03/18/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

Totally agree with you on this one, magenta seems to be one of the most inconsistent colors in my palette. I have tried and like fusion's magenta, but it's a little more on the hot pink side. I love the color of dermaglo's magenta but it's a bitch to work with. luck to you.

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Posted by Dread from IP: on 03/29/11
Prescott, arizona United States - website

been looking for a good true/dark/concentrate magenta myself. ive heard Intenze is a good choice, but dont really like the idea of supporting Mario Barth. Waverly sounds like a better option to try to me. ive always had to add a drop of black to my dark magenta to get it to go in really opaque. ive been using eternal, but i think its time to try something else.

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Posted by Iver from IP: on 03/30/11
Copenhagen, KBH K Denmark - website

I´ve used Intenze for around 6 years now and think the Magenta is quite nice, even though it´s the only colour that I´ve used that ever caused a reaction(2 times out of hundreds) in my 20 years swinging needles. Never really gave it to much thought about who´m I was supporting tbh, and never knew howcome mr. Barth should be a much worse choice over any others..(?)

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