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Attn: Coil builders.. re: wire

Posted by Michael A. Merrett aka Dr. Ama from IP: on 11/01/11
JACKSONVILLE, Florida United States - website

<now, is it safe for me to use 24ga 925 silver wire for my coils? or is it safer to use copper being that it has a coating on it?
Also, is 21ga just too thick? i dig that i will get less wraps, but is it just stupid to jump to 21ga? thanks.

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RE:Attn: Coil builders.. re: wire

Posted by Michael A. Merrett aka Dr. Ama from IP: on 02/04/12
JACKSONVILLE, Florida United States - website

ok i cant post a new thread so hopefully someone that knows a thing or two will see this......

i was just curious if anyone could refer me to any literature involving metal knowledge including identification.. im a new assembler and im having a few troubles with the blue spark...(its tiny, not like a dead cap. spark) im curious to know if its just something involving metal relationships or something im doing wrong with assembly...ive gone through a ton of caps. and i cant figure out sure i havent bought a load of dead capacitors, seeing as how i purchased big lots from two different suppliers... im not asking to have any secrets divulged.. but rather a point in the right direction..i already own joey d's badass book , erick ayalon's secrets book, godoy's, paco's, and dano collins' books, but they arent exactly helping with metal identity besides what can be seen with the eyes, ie: color and so on...any help would rock...thanks..peace. -mike m.

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RE:Attn: Coil builders.. re: wire

Posted by Jonty from IP: on 02/28/12
Timaru, South Island New Zealand - website

I just recently rebuilt some 8 wraps into 10s. The performance is great, However I reused the old cap as i couldn't get more in a hurry. It is important to use laminated wire otherwise you get a short circuit. I am lucky in that I worked for a motor rewinder for a while. If you have a local rewinder, you can buy wire off them and they will also be able to advise you on gauge and materials and other info that affects the end product.

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RE:Attn: Coil builders.. re: wire

Posted by Underground from IP: on 08/31/12
las vegas, nv United States - website

24awg copper anything thicker is tricky to work with and 22awg is about max anything thinner creates extra resistance OHMS

if you use 22 then a 6 layer replaces a 8 of 24 and you won tget more than that with common washers . and 6 max will fit if you use a bobbin

dont bother trying to make some super magical coil , just use 24awg copper , 6 turn liner , 8 turns shader 10 color


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