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Bugpins for color

Posted by Davis on 11/12/10

I have never used bug pins before but I have heard great things about them in black washes but what about color? Are they good for color too? I am using Fusion ink so it is not as thick as Waverly so i am guessing it would be more capable to work with that color ink but I am not sure

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RE:Bugpins for color

Posted by Andy on 11/12/10

I do not think bugbins are a good idea for color ink because there too thick for the groupings.

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RE:Bugpins for color

Posted by brian on 11/14/10

every needle is good for color,if you know how to use it
bug pin is a myth

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RE:Bugpins for color

Posted by rudeboy on 12/22/10

hey man, you can still acheive saturation with bug pins but it takes a shit load of time to do it, i just rock with my standard mags for full saturation and use my bug pins for blending and black n grey, bug pins= smaller holes so less area of coverage and there blunter than standard mags so you can do multiple passes without trauma (if you know what your doing) but also doesnt put ink in as well as standards,all depends on what your trying to do with the peice really dude

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RE:Bugpins for color

Posted by travelingtom on 12/22/10

im starting to get away from bugpins, they make everything take longer, i have found that if i whip everything out, my blends are just as if not smoother than with the bugpins, but to each their own.

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RE:Bugpins for color

Posted by tommy on 12/23/10

depends on the ink you use.

i use bugpins for everything.

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RE:Bugpins for color

Posted by will from IP: on 03/18/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

I use bugpin curves on anything over a thirteen, seems to reduce resistance from the skin and I haven't had any problems with saturation or slowing down. I'd have to give this one over to a case of personal preference, try them and if you don't like them use something else.

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