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Alla Prima sureglide tips

Posted by Eriksenn on 09/28/10

So, I had given a positive review of these previously... I now have issues with their performance. They seem to have shrunk slightly after repeated autoclaving! The tip has a "shelf" above the needles to stabilize them, however, the shelf seems to close slightly after time , now rubbing the tops of mags, and creating noticeable friction.(come to think of it, it seems the shelf has always slightly increased friction, my machine was bogging down a lot even with black ink) I have contacted Alla Prima regarding this, with no response...

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RE:Alla Prima sureglide tips

Posted by coreypopp on 09/28/10

I just got a few tips in. Haven't used them yet but I ran a 15 mag needle through it and there is very little clearance. It seems as though it must go in perfectly, then very carefully make sure it slides under the grooves. It seems as though it could cause some trouble, definitely going to triple check with eye loupe to make sure the needle doesn't barb going through. They look very nice though. Thanks for the input on them shrinking. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that after a few times of autoclaving them.

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RE:Alla Prima sureglide tips

Posted by tatt khan on 10/14/10

Isn't the shelf worn out? Even stainless steel tips worn out, so I reckon they will eventually worn out. I have some of them but still prefer stainless tips so dont use them often. I dunno about shrinking yet.

With these tips, always make sure checking the needles when u put them through this plastic tips, I mean when u set up needles. If u r careless, sometimes they make the tip of needles bent.. like hook... haha... But still think it was pretty clever idea to built the tips.

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