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Machine tuning resources

Posted by JC on 12/21/10

Can anyone recommend some really good and indepth resources for machine tuning? I feel like I have a strong understanding of the basics and I can get the desired results from my machines. I just would really like to polish my knowledge.

For example, I recently watched the first "In the studio with Joshua Carlton" DVD. In it he demonstrates how his machine he uses for putting in solid black works. The bar had a beautiful back and forth sway to it. I can get my machines to put in solid black, but I bet if I could tune them to that little extra perfection they'd work better and thus make my work look a little better.

So if anyone could recommend some insightful books or DVD's that would be great.

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RE:Machine tuning resources

Posted by donkey kong on 12/29/10

go to kingpin they have many dvds and you can get names there. I would recommend any reading info from eikon. They have great magazines on machine performance , i believe 8 issues and springs and A bar info. It may be hard to find but if you find it that will be all you need to learn about machines and there info will help you learn to tune them to run extremely well. To me there is no other book or dvd that will teach you as much about machines as eikons magazines and there springs pdf. Good luck finding it, you may be able to torrent them for free. I had to help you out when i seen not one person stepped up to recommend something. Josh Carltons dvd was good but there was no real information about machines in there. There is allot more to it then turning the screw and feeling the hit with your thumb i can tell you that much

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RE:Machine tuning resources

Posted by Conor Blue Eyes from IP: on 03/10/11
Sarasota, Florida United States - website

book by joey d

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RE:Machine tuning resources

Posted by will from IP: on 03/18/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

truth is, there's no one-stop shopping for tattoo machine information. there's so much heresay in the industry and bad information that people adhere to like religion that you're going to have study a lot of different, sometimes conflicting information and experiment a lot to find out what works.
That being said, joey D's book has some good information in it. The Godoy book is good but may present some problems to a novice IMO. The TAM articles by Seth Ciferri have some good stuff in them. Machinegun machine articles have lots of information but a lot of it is strictly experimental (Truspring anyone?). Hanging out in forums like this, figuring out who knows their stuff, and listening to them is probably the most direct route. Finding a good builder and 'contributing' to the cause may work but it could get expensive and they still may not be willing to hepl you very much. And personal experimentation, trying different things until you find out what works best for you. The problem I've noticed with the personal experimentation is that a lot of people give up before they get everything right and end up working with inferior-running machines and incomplete information.
It's one thing to do something because someone says to and another to understand why you should do it, I would encourage everyone to focus on the latter on of these. If this doesn't help, email me.

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Usefulness of using meters

Posted by Jon from IP: on 03/25/11
, United States

I've been using one of the original eikon power supplies since I first started tattooing and I've never even tried out any of their meters, or now meter incorporated power supplies. What I was wondering is how useful are they?

I remember being interested in them when they came out but I couldn't justify paying the money to replace something that wasn't broken. Also I've always been able to get the desired results, with rare occasion out of my machines so especially earlier in my career I thought that they would only tell me what I already know.

At any rate I've been greatly considering finally upgrading after all these years and I was hoping if anyone could relate to me how much of an improvement if any that they have found in having a little more technical information on the running of their machines I'm regards to fine running them. I appreciate any input and thanks.

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RE:Machine tuning resources

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 03/26/11
, ny United States - website

I say get one. It shows the performance of the machine down to the number and can help a great deal not only for artists but builders. You can find one with a meter that will be cheaper then a eikon. Maybe buy a cheaper one to see if you like it. It basically shows the exact science of your machine but you must understand the meaning of those numbers which allot of people dont. Thats why they say numbers mean nothing. I will never get that cause duty cycle # means allot in my set up and to most builders. I know everyone is not the same but not that different at the same time if that makes sence. Just wanted to chime in because this forum is soooo dead.

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RE:Machine tuning resources

Posted by Jon from IP: on 03/27/11
, United States

Thanks for the input. I pretty much had already made up my mind that I was going to get one at this point anyway, it can never hurt to have more insight into what you're doing.

I used to be somewhat learned on the different meanings of the meter readings and such when eikon first started making them but obviously due to never having a meter nor using that knowledge after all these years it's all real foggy to me ( also, embarrassingly, I've managed to loose/leave all of my machine gun magazines to the ages). Anyone know where one might pick some of those up at or know if eikon has a way to obtain that information like how they used to on their site?

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