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Dr. Numb

Posted by Epicdermis on 12/03/10

Has anyone ever had any experience with this stuff? I've had a few artists recommend it to me for sensitive sissy clients. One of my clients used it on a rib piece with great results. He then recommended it to 2 other people whom he referred to me. He had purchased his directly from the companies website. The other people bought theirs at half price on eBay. I'm thinking they got duped. No real effect on numbing, but it caused excessive bleeding and light healing.

I never recommend any numbing products because of the healing issues often associated with them, but like I said, the clients took it upon themselves to apply it prior to their sessions without my knowledge. The Dr. Numb seemed to work great for the client who bought the legit stuff. I told the other people to buy direct, since who knows who is selling what on eBay and they probably got scammed by some counterfit bullshit.

Anyone out there got anything to share, since sharing is caring?

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RE:Dr. Numb

Posted by Magistrate on 12/03/10

We use Tattoo Soothe and it works great for numbing. Not sure about this specific product but you can get Tattoo Soothe at tatsoul, eikon, etc. Both use lidocaine and prilocaine so should be good!

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RE:Dr. Numb

Posted by stephen on 12/04/10

My brother used Dr numb on his rib piece that I'm doing for the first time 2 weeks ago and wasn't even sure I had started tattooing yet, so it seemed to work really well. He has very extensive coverage and is one of the best sitters I've worked on, but after doing 6 hours on his ribs without anything he went searching on the internet and found this. I think it was like $80 for 2 tubes he said. I figured he was wasting his money and wasn't sure if it would affect the tattoo, but everything looks great and its all healed now so everything seems really good. For the price, I don't think people would wanna start using it for every little tattoo, but for those big ones in bad spots it could be a big help.

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RE:Dr. Numb

Posted by inkyneedle on 12/20/10

I have a client that comes in every week to get tattooed and he uses it every session. It works great for him, he feels nothing for a couple of hours BUT if he applies it more than a half hour to forty minutes beforehand the skin gets hard and the color doesn't go in as well. It's like the skin becomes engorged with the shit, leaving little room for ink. So, that being said, Dr Numb works wonders if it is used correctly. Also, put plastic wrap over it when it is on the skin, I think it loses its effectiveness if left to dry out.

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RE:Dr. Numb

Posted by canvasyou on 12/21/10

Dr Numb works just as well as Emla -
You need super juice though because Dr. Numb is pretty much only good for first few hours... on an 8 hour tattoo you have to use super juice after the skin is broken.

Depends on how you tattoo though, if you do the printer style tattooing (start at one point and just work to completion in that area) then superjuice wont do much.

I layer and go over the same area over and over and over - so I like superjuice - Most the time I dont even use the Dr Numb, just let the client deal with it until it is un bearable - then the stencil is more than likely blocked out - and you can apply super juice - wait 15 mins then jump back in and they can't tell.

Dr Numb is more of a "pre-procedure" in my opinion.

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RE:Dr. Numb

Posted by numb on 12/25/10

yes it works well if needed

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