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Classic color

Posted by Dan on 12/06/10

I have been using a mixture of eternal, starbright, and fusion, basically I just pick and chose the colors that works the best for me. I have notice a couple of times this "classic color" brand trough Eikon and Kingpin, does anyone had a experience with them before I buy a set of them? are they real thick pigments or watery? and which colors have you notice that stands the best for YOU? thanks guys for any input

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RE:Classic color

Posted by jorre on 12/06/10

The golden yellow is amazing. I also like the lime green,peacock, cerise(a very nice magenta pink) and the burnt orange. The different blues and the pink I dont like that much.

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Dan on 12/06/10

Thanks for the info. I really didn't expect them to have all of their colors being great due to them clamming organic safe. Not a big fan of vegan safe products due to not being great as the heavy pigments that somehow are not organic(whatever that means)

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Solomon on 12/06/10

ummmmm Eternal and Fusion happen to be the most famous of the "vegan" inks lol

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Bill Waverly on 12/06/10

There is no such thing as organic tattoo pigment. It's a handy name to throw about to imply that they are "safer" than other colors out there. It's marketing, pure and simple.

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RE:Classic color

Posted by stephen on 12/06/10

Thanks Bill. I kind of had an idea it was that way, but never was too sure about why they claim that. I was in a discussion with a coworker a while back about eternal and I was saying how it was organic and this and that, and he brought up the point that we really don't know what's in our ink, no matter who makes it because its unregulated here in the states. It's the one area of tattooing where we really have to put our faith in you guys (ink makers). Luckily all the good ones like yours and the 4 or 5 other big names have high standards for their product and stand behind it, but I for one wouldn't mind a little more info as to what I'm putting in my clients (and myself, for that matter). Then again, I realise the need to not have every schmoe with a rock tumbler making ink out of their garage, which will then be sold to the guy tattooing out of his garage.

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Dan on 12/07/10

Cool thanks for the info

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Classic Color Troy on 12/16/10

Hey guys this is Troy from Classic Color ive never bought into answering questions about classic unless ive been emailed
but felt the need to respond to bills claim
1Yes it is Organic
2 We do not use this as a selling point
Our selling point is the chemical engineers that aided us in manufacturing the raw ingredients
Raw ingredients that have metals removed Ie titanium removed from white
nickles from reds
coppers from blues and greens
and raw pigment is cleansed 15 times when normally its done 4 times
this along with a state of the art filtering systems , bottle sterlising before and after filling foil saftey seals
and Eu certified
Itake this very seriously and could sell out and have my dispersions made in a paint co with resins , anti foaming solutions , unsafe germicides , amonias and a plethra of other shit people are puting into peoples skin on an hourly basis
we also welcome any one who likes to visit and have the whole process shown
I have never wanted to ram classic down people throats and have knocked back at least 30 companies in usa wanting to sell classic
BY NO MEANS IS ANY OF THE ABOVE INFO AIMED AT BILL OR WAVERLY COLOR CO and when im asked what else people should try , i always reccomend Waverly or BJs stuff
if any questions you can get me at
sorry about the rant

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Rascal X f3 on 12/16/10

Troy - no rant there , IMO your ink is top shelf along with only a couple other pigment manufacturs , Misinformation is shite causes confusion , keep up the great work , it seems as if only the european countries give a shit about regulating this very serious subject , The ink should not a mysterie , as a tattooer I want to be able to provide information to clients that is accurate regarding ink . Thanks again for the information

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Bill Waverly on 12/16/10

My comment was not directed at you personally. It was directed at the misinformation that runs rampant in tattooing. It's easy for someone's opinion to pick up speed and become "fact", especially over the internet.
Like I said in the original post, we consider anything that is labelled as "organic" to be considered inherently safer or better for us than things in the same field that are not. While this usually applies to food, it has found it's way into cosmetics and tattoo colors as well. Here's my point- In terms of how people connect with the language of what is organic and what is not, there is a HUGE difference between organic food and organic chemistry. There is also inorganic chemistry involved in tattoo colors but you won't see that advertised because it doesn't have the same impact on the consumer.
I'm always available for further conversation.
While I don't use your colors- I did pick up a set of your Wave machines this year and I think they are top notch1


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RE:Classic color

Posted by Gustav on 12/16/10


Your website mentions that the carriers etc are organic, but can you categorically declare that your ink has nil oxide in it.?

I can not find a published a MSDS sheet for any of your inks, so how do I know what the total make up of your ink is?

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Epicdermis on 12/17/10

Poison ivy is organic, I wouldnt put it in ink though.

Point being, like Bill said, the "Organic" label a feel-good term used to drive sales more than anything. Not to say that it isnt always valid where it is applied, but there are plenty of safe non-organic chemicals out there, and unsafe organic compounds.

Bottom line, if you guys do your jobs well and produce a safe product, we can do our jobs and produce safe tattoos, and we will keep each other in business.

Both brands of inks are pretty legit as far as I know, and they produce great results.

Here's a question for guys. Any info on allergic reactions caused by hair dye or laundry detergent? I had a co-worker a few years ago that worked on a hair stylist, and she dyed her hair 3 weeks after the tattoo was totally healed and all of the red in her tattoo just inflamed and caused an excema type look, got real scaly and flaky, just on the red. Itched like crazy, then went away on it's own after a few days, only to react again whenever she applied the same dye to a clients hair. I have also heard of very mild reactions( raising, itching....) when someone switched laundry detergent or fabric softener.

What up wit dat yo?

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Gustav on 12/17/10

Taoo ink is becoming a very hot topic due to the more and more stringent requirements in Europe in particular. Australia is still very relaxed with the production of tattoo ink.

Most pigment in Australia, if sourced locally, comes from All Colour Supplies in Sydney. The bulk of their sales are metal salt pigments.

If no metal salt pigments are used, what is used then? Vegetable pigment or so called 'organic' pigment? Organic can mean a lot of things including mineral oil.

And the words 'organic chemistry' open up a whole world which in the end could mean a lot of things and may include a lot of things you would not put into your skin.

In the end why can't I be told, as a matter of routine, in detail and exactly what is in the ink ?

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Gustav on 12/17/10

I am told there are 22 potentially dangerous chemicals in hair colouring and a number of countries, in cluding the USA, are now in the process of legislating against the use of them.

I am just glad I don't use the stuff, hair colouring, I mean, but what is really going on in Tattoo Ink ? Anybody of real expertise around somewhere?

Here are some of the hair colouring ingredients:

Para-phenylenediamine and tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline, both have shown to damage genetic material and cause cancer in animals.

Coal tar, a known carcinogen is used in hair colors and dyes as it creates brighter and more lasting colors than other organic vegetable dyes.

Formaldehyde is a preservative linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity and more.

DMDM Hydantoin, another preservative is a known immune system toxin (and has been restricted for use in cosmetics in Japan).

Eugenol is a fragrance ingredient thats associated with cancer, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and allergies

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RE:Classic color

Posted by inkwell on 12/17/10

what i have to say about Classic Color is that they are testet by CTL Labor to fit the EU Resolution 2008. What says ther no aromatic amines, all the CI Nr. have to be save, no AZO Color, tested on heavyMetal. Respect to Classic Color, Intenze, Eternal to go through this prozes. (not sure if all sell the same Color in the States like in EU)
By the Way MSDS means NOTHING not even shows the pigment

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RE:Classic color

Posted by illestRatedink on 12/17/10

if i remember correctly FK has a good post on here somewhere that goes through a list of the different types of pigment u can generally find in tattoo might be on his forum tho at tattoo connect

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Raskal Fx3 on 12/17/10

Eikon had MSDS information on there web site for a few of the ink products , but since they launched the new site I can not find the MSDS info . Gustav Electric ink has alot of ingredient info on the Brazil website for paulo fernando, and magic moon tattoo supply and shop in Germany website has MSDS info for the Electric ink , and as I recently heard that Electric is reformulating colors that have ingredient issues regarding the 09' regulation in germany , I am eagerly waiting for an answer to your question by one of the pigment companys . they do not have to give away the secrit ingredient but a list that is accurate , IMO electric ink is the most cutting edge ink company that will have a future , and no RED REACTIONS

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RE:Classic color

Posted by inkwell on 12/18/10

MSDS Material Safety Data Shet tells You how to handel the Product ther is nothing in this Paper that tells you somthing about ingredients. Useless

Magic Moon gives you a "Zertifikat" means that another Company says you that the color is ok. Usless

as the color is in the skin and stays ther i dont want any secrets in ther. i dont want heavy metal, no poison like o-ansidine, dichlorbenzidine or somthing like this in Tattooink.
it is my right as a tattooist an as a costumer to now what is in the color. NO SECRETS

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RE:Classic color

Posted by Gustav on 12/19/10

There you go then. It is a hot topic and if I was selling Tattoo Ink I would be really, really careful to make some feel good advertising slogans that don't say anything at all, and certainly looks like they cannot be substantiated by proper analysis.

The truth is that the basic ingredient in tattoo ink is nearly always a metal oxide. And some metals like cadmium, (and others) are very dangerous. There are suppliers who will sell it as extra ground, meaning it is finer than other oxides so it will go into solution better.

I would not hold my breath waiting for a substantive and detailed answer to some of the questions raised because it would give the game away for one or more tattoo ink manufacturers.

I refer to Bill Waverly's comment about organic and would add that even if there was evidence that the ink was, 'organic' then what ingredients, yes or no derived from mineral oil based products are present?

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RE:Classic color

Posted by receipe from ZEIS on 12/24/10

not to throw fuel on a fire (disclaimer)- I found a lesson from Zeis for black ink , and colors the part of the lesson I wanted to see if anyone can enlightn me on is chemical names for different colors this is a powder form , 1)light&dark red are Mercury Sulphide 2).light&darkgreenare...Chrome Oxides 3)lightyellow Iron Oxide 4).deepyellow is Cadmium Sulphide 5) Light&dark brown & flesh is Oxides of Iron 6) Ivory Black Carbon 7)Mineral Black is Oxide 8).White is a Zinc Oxide -- It sounds like metals oxides zinc ?? I am going to do a web search to see if I can answer my own Question which is the use of sulphides & Oxides for use in the body ?? also the mineral black seems like an oil ? I will publish what info I can find . Troy had made a great statement about using quality ingreadiants , and not sub - contracting to a paint co. So he can maintain a safe product & it is kinda scary what Troy said about ammonia's - Cause man my last ink load was more than 15 colors and I could smell what is most likly an ammonia in the ink I use & the bottles were closed.(I NEED TO ADD I DO NOT USE CLASSIC , IMO Classic is top notch) from all that I have heard about it .

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RE:Classic color

Posted by :/ on 12/25/10


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