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Which FK do you like most?

Posted by SinCity on 12/20/10

it's zen for me.

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by hendrickson on 12/21/10

From what Ive seen they pretty much have the same geometry just different side plates. I could be wrong but have had two and they were the same.

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by X-man2010 on 12/21/10

I jst bought a zen soft shader and pyro liner can't wait to try them out

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by rob on 12/21/10

I have 2 galaxies, 2 pyros and an exactor... and my fav depends on what type of work im doing,. each one is setup very differently. My 1 galaxie thats setup with 18g rear and 20g front is prolly my fav for black and grey, and my galaxie with 20g rear and 18g front is badass for color. both are very soft but each has a purpose in tuning. i tend to use my pyro cutback liner as a "workhorse" and very rarely use my conventional pyro liner, only when i need 2 specific liner setups or multiple session, big pieces. My exactor is a solid fill, tribalish only type of machine and unfortunately, sits in my drawer at the shop a bit too much. All in all, it really depends on how the machine is setup and what you're doing with it... but to answer your question, they're all my favorite.

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by Inkstained on 12/21/10

I gots a proton conventional liner that I love to death.. also 2 zens. 1 a color packing beast and the other a soft B&G shader that to this day amazes me... it runs at 2.8v pushing a 17m easily. Unreal. Also have a pyro shader with a med stroke that I use for color blends and such.
I should have a new Pyro X cutback liner in my hands any day now that I cant wait to crank up. Even Gaston got a little excited about this baby.

I couldnt really choose a favorite because I use them all religiously and love each and every one for what they are...however.. Ive also got an Aaron Cain custom liner, 2 brass next gen shaders and a Seth Cifferi color machine... They've all been sitting in the case since I started using FKIs about a year ago.

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by joshdp on 12/22/10

Since I started using FK Irons AL13s, the rest of my machines have been collecting dust....and no more wrist pain! My favorite is my Proton light shader so far, but I just ordered the new Pyro as a light shader so I'll have to see what I think when I get it. For me no matter how they're set up, FKs become my favorite machine for something or sometimes everything. I have a Proton liner that is a great liner, color packer, or my absolute favorite black & gray shader ever! And Gaston offers the best customer service I have ever seen.

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by Roly on 12/23/10

I purchased a Galaxie color packer not to long ago and I am in love.. my work has progressed so much since i started using the machine.. its crazy how something so light is such a beast... i cant wait to have every model.. best machine i have worked with so far.. thank you so much Gaston...

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RE:Which FK do you like most?

Posted by SinCity on 12/24/10

how's your liner set up? what springs?:)

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