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Posted by Billi765 on 12/03/10

So I have been studying up on this new lotion safe4hours...does it really work like other people say?

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Posted by Wykd on 12/03/10

Main active ingrediant: triclosan

No studies have found the estrogenic chemical triclosan to be more effective at killing germs than regular soap and water (even though it's used in many soaps and hand sanitizers), but many have studies have uncovered scientific evidence that the chemical is contributing to the surge in life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant subergerms and severe hormone disruption in wildlife. (When it's found in waterways, for example, male frogs literally sport female parts.)

I am just saying.....

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Posted by Jamesc on 12/03/10

Triclosan seems to be bad news.

Maybe it's time to switch to Bronner's for everything. haha

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Posted by GregH on 12/04/10

So, my opinion about products like this based on current available data is that it's best to avoid antibacterial use except when intended to treat a specific problem.

Triclosan, like other antibacterial products, has varying levels of effectiveness at lowering the amounts of bacteria on the skin depending on which particular type of bacteria are present. Since bacteria multiply by the billions and each division has the potential for mutation, an antibiotic could be effective at wiping out all of a certain bacteria, but leave behind mutated offspring that have resistance to that product. This cycle of antibiotic resistance has been ongoing ever since penicillin was first discovered and is very likely what led to the development of MRSA. Deaths had nearly been eliminated from a handful of diseases after the start of penicillin use, but within 30 years death rates had skyrocketed back until alternative antibiotics were created.

MRSA isn't immune to all types of antiseptic agents, and Triclosan can be effective at reducing MRSA transmission rates. Here is an excerpt from the 2009 WHO Guidelines on hand hygiene in health care:

"A number of studies have demonstrated the effect of hand
cleansing on HCAI rates or the reduction in cross-transmission
of antimicrobial resistant pathogens (see Part I, Section 22
and Table I.22.1). For example, several investigators have
found that health care-associated acquisition of MRSA was
reduced when the antimicrobial soap used for hygienic hand
antisepsis was changed.181,182 In one of these studies, endemic
MRSA in a neonatal ICU was eliminated seven months after
introduction of a new hand antiseptic agent (1% triclosan)
while continuing all other infection control measures, including
weekly active surveillance cultures.181 Another study reported
an MRSA outbreak involving 22 infants in a neonatal unit.182
Despite intensive efforts, the outbreak could not be controlled
until a new antiseptic agent was added (0.3% triclosan) while
continuing all previous control measures, which included the
use of gloves and gowns, cohorting, and surveillance cultures."

This is referring specifically to Triclosan used as a hand antiseptic for hand washing, and doesn't mean that including it in lotion or random household supplies is a good idea. I would never tell anyone to use lotion like that on healthy skin, but it could possibly be reasonable to recommend it if you suspect someone is at risk of MRSA or is showing signs. I would be interested in getting a doctor's opinion on this.

Here's a link to the WHO hand hygiene guidelines and a short article on an antibacterial household products:

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