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workhorse irons soba

Posted by gabe on 07/28/10

does anyone own one or have own one? particularly the shader. if so howd you like it i hear workhorse makes great machines

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by TattooNOW Gabe on 07/28/10

I bet Ben will pipe up cause he is just about done with a tattoo machine review for a Soba tattoo machine. Soba was kind enough to let us do a tattoo machine builder interview.

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by Shaun on 07/28/10


Yeah I'm a pretty big fan of Workhorse Irons, Sobas machines in particular.
I've got a Pilot which is great for solid colour, real slow and punchy, real long front spring with lotsa flex and super long throw.
Also got the Pilot Deluxe, a little smoother and faster than the Pilot, I use it for black and grey and colour work, blending etc.. I've only really tried 7's and 9 mags in it, this is a great machine though.

I bought the Soba Clipper (liner) but couldn't get on with it, didn't have enough punch for me or I just wasn't meant to get on with it, sold it and got a pair of the new Soba Walker's (I love this frame style!!), gotta say, the liner is awesome, I use it everyday, not super fast but fast, for me it has a great balance between speed and punch, that's a personal thing I guess but it's not so fast that you've gotta zip around, you can take your time without blowing the line, I've used 5's, 7's and 8's in it, seriously love this liner.

The Walker shader has a harder hit than my Pilot Deluxe, roughly the same speed though, still working this into my rotation as I love my Pilot Deluxe to much. Dunno man, I really like his machines and I've never had any problems with the quality or workmanship, also their service is pretty good. You may not dig them but if you're in the market for a new machine then try one, can't hurt. Would love to get one of his Rustos!


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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by gabe on 07/28/10

big soba fan? i got to say ive had my pilot for not too long and im very very fond of it. just retired my last color packer and im still getting used to the sona. my last color m/c was a really really long stroke so its a little different. but i had heard sooo many great things about the pilot i decided to go for it. any ways for your solid color work how high are you running your soba (loaded) if you dont mind me asking? on my 2 amp psu i run it loaded around 7.5v pushing 7s and 9s tempted to crank the fucker up a notch.

i also run a aaron cain liner but was tempted finding something from soba before i went with aaron.

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by gabe on 07/29/10

/\ - sona + soba, my bad.

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by 42 on 07/30/10

thanx for posting that interview, it's really a good read.

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by Interview on 11/07/10

thanks for posting the interview. It shows tattoo artists how builders care about numbers when tuning there machines. Allot of guys think numbers are just that and have no meaning but now they see yet another builder builds them with the science of "numbers". Allot of guys read articles with known tattoo artists saying they can care less about numbers and take that as numbers have no meaning at all, but in fact they go on to say builders tune there machines for them , from there they then use volts and feel. This shows they need to learn before assuming science(#) plays no part in tuning

builder mnd

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by Stephen Griffin on 11/07/10

I've don't remember reading a single post on here where anyone says "numbers don't matter". Well, ok, that's been said, but mostly every person has the same answer "Every machine is gonna have different numbers on it, so it's pretty futile to include in an online discussion". If you were sitting down in person with someone you could say, hey, this machine runs at such and such volts, check out the cps on my machine, compare it to your own machine, and see WHY the numbers are different. This numbers thing has gone on for days now and I get the feeling it's mostly being perpetuated by a SINGLE person. Since you referenced something I said specifically about reading the interviews and such, I want to be clear that I DO LOOK AT MY NUMBERS. So, check it out, my fallen king runs loaded at 5 volts. About 100 hz (which translates to cps on an eikon. I use a critical). around 45-48% duty cycle. And a big 'ol fat zero on the follow through (represented as "stall" on the critical). Someone got this idea in their head that because someone says the numbers are gonna be irrelevant for anyone else, because of different machines, different set ups, different working styles, and different artistic preferences, that they are saying "Numbers are irrelevant". It's a simple twisting or misunderstanding or the words that has led to an OVERWHELMING influx of "some people" to get on here and rip into EVERYBODY, making blanket statements, like "you pro's can't even tune a machine" or "you have to buy a machine tuned, cause you don't know shit about dick", or, the oh-so-popular "get an apprenticeship, scratcher". I don't know who is so high and mighty that they have just decided that they are the only person in the world capable of tuning a tattoo machine, but buddy, it's really not that hard. This has been an overriding factor in most of the posts on here (which are usually very old, and bumped up for the sole purpose of these people to twist NO MATTER WHAT the original thread is about, into some twirling torrent of why tattoo artists are lame now days cause they all don't know what numbers mean, and bla bla bla. whatever your motives are, mission accomplished. WE ALL GET IT. YOU LOVE THEM NUMBERS. But can you at least acknowledge the fact that other people might know what they're doing? And that you are not the only tattoo artist who's figured out how to use those numbers to their advantage? Or just post with your real name and e-mail, so we can ALL e-mail you a few times a day, telling you what ALL OUR NUMBERS WERE, for each and every tattoo we do. Oh, you don't want your e-mail clogged up with a shitload of talk about numbers? WELL STOP CLOGGING UP THIS BOARD WITH IT! Write a damn book about it. If anyone cares, they'll buy it. Sorry, everyone else, this is way too long, but I'm trying to hopefully speak for everyone who's been bashed by this crap recently, and clear some of this garbage up. Shit like this makes me wanna never look at the numbers again. Oh, if only they weren't sooooo important. I'm gonna get back to drawing now (starting with a nice non-photo blue, then an hb graphite pencil, and follow it all up with a little 2b action. didn't wanna forget those numbers).

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by tattoolloyd on 11/08/10

Yo, it stinks in here cause SOBA's are the shit. Hands down best machines i ever used, and I've used a few. Rarely does a single product have an immeadiate impact on my work, but my SOBA's did. God Bless

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by ..... on 11/08/10

I love my soba, Been using it for years. Cool interview as well, thanks for sharing

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by SuicideRed on 11/08/10

I personally own three of Soba's machines and am looking at a fourth soon. First one was a rusto, then I picked up a plowhorse kit, and not too long ago got a custom b&g machine from him. I own a dozen other machines and aside from an aaron cain liner the soba's are all I use. If you arent too sure try one of his machine kits first. Super easy to put together and run like a dream. My plowhorse pounds in color at a measly 4 volts around 95 cps! i find that using his machines cuts down heal time dramatically. And one more thing I own a critical cx-2 I got about 6 months ago and it clearly says FT ( follow through ) on the display.

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RE:workhorse irons soba

Posted by anthony on 11/28/10

i have a question about the pilots. can an rca fit/be mounted through the back where the back binding post would be? or would it have to be filed out fit right?

was kinda curious about that. i guess i could call but its late.


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