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What is a wrap exactly?

Posted by SuicideRed on 11/25/10

So I have searched and searched and cannot find any kind of description of what a wrap consists of exactly. A wrap as in 6 wrap coils 8 wrap coils etc... What is 1 wrap then? Is it one wrap from bottom of coil core to top? Or is one wrap from bottom of coil core to top then back to the bottom. I can only assume it is the bottom to top then back to bottom. That just makes more sense to me.

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RE:What is a wrap exactly?

Posted by Gustav on 11/25/10

A wrap is not an exact measurement and one wrap is once the length of the coil, whatever the seize and the length of the coil may be. The real aim is to get the Ohms for the total lenght of the copper wire for the two coils, about 2 for a liner and 3 for a shader

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RE:What is a wrap exactly?

Posted by dread on 11/26/10

a "wrap" is typically considered the amount of wire it takes to wind up or down the core for one layer. i consider one 'wind' a single strand of wire wrapped once around a core (or layer of wire, for all layers or 'wraps' after the first layer). so the first 'wrap' is a series of 'winds' until there is a layer of wire from bottom coil washer to top washer. then the second 'wrap' would go on top of the first layer from top back down to the bottom. each additional layer or 'wrap' will consist of more wire, and provide more resistance than the layer before it. since more wraps equals more resistance, a coil with more wraps will require more energy (voltage) to provide maximum magnetism. hence, a 6 wrap coil will operate on lower volts than a 8 or 10 wrap. in my opinion, anything over 10 wraps is overkill, and will most likely result in overheating.

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RE:What is a wrap exactly?

Posted by zaxxon on 11/26/10

You guys do not know what you are talking about. I'm so tired of these hacks spouting off regarding technical subjects that they clearly have at best, superficial knowledge of. A wrap, for your information, can be composed of hummus, sprouts and tomatoes, or can be something like ham and cheese, or even peanut butter and jelly, rolled right up in a flour tortilla. Overheating is rarely a problem if the right equipment is used, such as a panini press. A six wrap is what you might get for the shop for lunch, depending on how many guys you have, a twelve wrap is more suitable for a multi-family outing.

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