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RE:RE:Hand Carving Tattoo Machines

Posted by Tony on 11/11/10

lol, wtf, it put my response at the top ?

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Hand Carving Tattoo Machines

Posted by Mreddiel on 11/11/10

I have recently desired to learn the skill of hand carving tattoo frames. I searched the Internet for any sort of information that would inform me of which tools were necessary. After hours of searching I came up with nothing. I went down to Home Depot and asked but the worker really didn't know. He suggested an Dremel so I bought one with misc tip sizes as well as an engraver. After some trial and error, I realize that there has got to be another tool or tools to carve with. The Dremel is just to darn easy to slip and make a flaw and the likes of Aaron Cain and JuneBugs carvings seem flawless. Not saying I expect to be that awesome my first run at it but I also use logic and can see that there is a missing tool or tools that is preventing me from achieving the desired results. Does anyone know what tools to use and how to get that really cool biomech design carved into an tattoo machine frame? Any help would be awesome.

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RE:RE:Hand Carving Tattoo Machines

Posted by DENIXXX on 11/11/10


AARON CAIN for carve his machines use that tools:

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RE:Hand Carving Tattoo Machines

Posted by Mastercarver on 11/11/10

The only way you will be able to get your frames to have some really cool bio mech carving is to practice,practice,practice,practice..I will not tell you any secrets that I have in my locked in my magic box because you have not earned it from me...I will tell you this,you have the right tool..a dremel will work great! You'd be insulting the craft by thinking you can master it in a short it for a few years than your frames will look better...I promise..cheers

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RE:RE:Hand Carving Tattoo Machines

Posted by thad on 11/11/10

I agree lots of practice with a dremel and start on scrap before you ruin a frame.

However I would suggest not starting on aluminum, that shit clogs up bits in a second. Try brass scraps. Also sand cast steel frames are significantly easier to carve than cnced frames. Brass definitely the easiest. I've found that bits with a double cut are better than single cut.

One technique that works well to get nice bio mech shapes is to use a larger round tip bit and create valleys thru the metal. Then use the square tipped ones in varying sizes to cut perpendicular to the valley using it as a guide. By doing this the bits will kind of follow the natural shape of the frame to give an organic look. Then go back in will small detail bits and have fun.

Also after you do some of the prelim stuff, hit it hard with a wire wheel to smooth down some edges created by the dremel then go back in and sharpen select areas up, gives it a nice look.

Always wear a face shield, those bits get everywhere.And having steel splinters plucked out of your eye is expensive and painful! Speaking from experience on that one.

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