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duty cycle?

Posted by justin on 12/10/06

To the best of my knowledge, or atleast what I gathered from the somewhat confusing danny fowler vhs is that ideally you want your machines to run on a 50/ 50 cycle. Meaning 50% of the time on and 50% of the time off. My problem lies in that all of my pulse machines run between 33-38 duty cycle. I've tried to close the air gap a bit to raise the % but no luck. With this being said, how important is duty cycle? And what can be done to raise the %? Thanks for the time-j

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by me on 12/11/06

im of the strong opinion that whats important is how your tattoos look and heal, and whether youre safe and sanitary while doing them. unless youre having MAJOR execution problems, OR are looking to start building tattoo machines, dont make extra headaches and worries for yourself.

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by justin on 12/12/06

Thanks nick, the advice you give makes perfect sense. In ither words if it aint broke don't fix it. However I would still like to know some info about duty cycle. There are a ton of talented people who constantly visit this forum and I would be greatly apprieciated if somebody would help me with the problems I am having.

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by Flo@ter on 12/12/06

I'm somewhat novice myself, but I believe putting more pressure on the contact screw will in affect balance the duty with more time in the tip. But yeah, don't mess with it if it already works well...I sometimes do more harm than good messing w/ my machines...

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by damnthemansavetheempire on 12/12/06

try a thicker back (main) spring

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by ah-dumb on 12/12/06

I guess my advice would come to me if you stated what it is about the way your machine runs or goes in the skin that you do not like. sometimes it could be something causing a problem that has nothing to do with what you are thinking...if you want to change something about your machine, make sure it is for the right reasons. Like Nick says, if it ain't broke, don't screw with it...then again, if something is not right about your set-up, you should know. Help me help you!

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by on 12/13/06

The gatsby is my "fall back on machine" I use two different paco rollins's 7 days a week. Both of the pacos are iron and run really smooth with pulse springs. Both machines have 300 grams of tension on the back spring and run a 13 mag around 6 volts. The gatsby has the same amount of tension, however needs atleast 8 volts just to get it running and that's without a set-up. I'm sure the problem lies in the springs (or perhaps me....?). The way I look at it is, the gatsby runs good with 33-38 duty cycle, maybe it will run great with 45-48. Thanks for the time-j

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by delusional martyr on 12/13/06

i would ask if you feel that your gatsby chews up skin a bit more than you want. thing is a low duty cycle would indicate that your needles are spending more time out of the tube than in so that's not a good thing for obvious reasons. now maybe that's not a problem for you but again, that would be the effect of a low duty cycle. if you're able to measure it (perhaps you're running an ems 200) try a thicker back spring. remember that changing your air gap is going to effect the force of your machine. so if you have more force (i'm assuming you use your gatsby for coloring and have a 'large' air gap) combined with a low duty cycle it's not going to be an optimal set-up. in the end there are many other factors as to how your machine runs but the right spring set-up is a very large part of it.

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by chiki-chiik-chikken toes on 12/21/06

^^Ja, what he said. If you are chewing skin or just not getting the right saturation with that machine, adjust the duty cycle via the springs. IMHO, I think 50% is a tad high for any machine, but you must do what suits you.

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RE:duty cycle?

Posted by Duty cycle on 11/04/10

People who don't care for the duty cycle don't tune machines. To say its more important to see how it heals when its done is dumb to me , you cant do a clients tattoo and wait till it heals to see if your machine runs good. If they say duty don't matter or speed they don't tune or cant tune most likely both. All machine builders who sell machines to the people saying a number is nothing tune there machines to a specific duty cycle. Go ahead and buy 10 same machines from any builder and you will see they all have around the same numbers. I can't understand how most artists cant tune a machine and know nothing of how it works, if they did they would not spend so much on machines tuned.

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