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paco rollins semi mag

Posted by stilltz90 on 09/04/10

I have tried time and time again to get the shader to run right. But it skips and doesnt please me well with shading. Both of my pacos do not stay tuned. Any suggestions? I also know that paco is a great machine builder and im not trying to bash. I just need some help.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by Chris on 09/04/10

Call Paco and tell him about the problems you're having.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by paulsxm on 09/04/10

could be your clipcord.
i just got the mini-jack plugs, and no more skips or stalls!
or is it only with the paco machine?
i just ordered two machines from him, supposed to come any day now, can't wait!

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by cbe: on 09/06/10

check your contact screw and make sure its clean of debris. i like to take a little nail file and smooth it out every few tattoos, it does wonders and can lend itself to a chattery skipping machine.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by Jorre on 09/08/10

I bought a Paco Rollins liner and I couldn't get it to run properly. IMO its just not a very good machine. I am used to working with an Aaron Cain liner and it always runs perfect. It may cost twice as much as a PR but a good machine is worth whatever you pay for it.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by JohnnyChaos on 09/08/10

I think it's just what suits you dude.
I've got an Aaron Cain Acantha Jones custom liner and recently got a Paco brass liner which was a fraction of the price.
The paco is a rattly lump compared to the cain, but I gave it a chance set up as it was and found I actually preferred it.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by cbe: on 09/08/10

without the knowledge of what makes a machine a "good machine" and what you want out of a machine, you will always be at the mercy of finding a machine whose tuning suits what you are after instead of being able to tune any machine to suit your style.

saying paco doesn't make a good machine is turning a blind eye to all the artists that use and have used his machines and been able to put out fantastic, world class work with them.

as for the semi mag in question: call paco and if he cant work it out over he phone he will fix it for you. that is as simple as it comes. you either want him to fix it, or to fix it yourself. the former is easy as pie, and the latter isnt much harder either.

check out joey d's book at

and/or the godoy brothers book at

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by Jimmy Utah on 09/14/10

Call Paco is the best advice, I've had four of his machines, I tend to give them to the newer guys in the shop when they ask about machine building. Anyway when he ships them they aren't made to run perfectly out of the box. The springs come with tons of tention and he puts in a long swing to pick up speed. Do the math they are build to run hard. Turn it up.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by pittore on 09/14/10

I've been using two Paco machines for the last 4 years without a problem, they run perfect all day,everyday. I've also purchased a lot of other machines ,expensive ones , not so expensive ,... but always go back to using them PCM s .

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by Dun on 11/04/10

1st the assholes who answer with call him , shut up , why even speak , if your not gonna answer the question dont speak.

2nd those who say a machine is only good when you pay 500$ for one and you get what you paid for or whatever are lost souls and cant tune. You can buy a $50 frame and parts and tune it to run like a $800 machine. The key is you must know HOW to tune a machine and understand the physics of a cycle. People who spend $800 know nothing about tuning. If you say yes i do then your still lame for buying a $800 machine that a $50 frame could run the same. Buildera knows this and secretly laugh at the artists that cant tune the most important tool

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by Chris on 11/04/10

Dun,,,you forgot to answer the question. you didnt say anything helpful about the guys Paco machine!! he didnt want to know anything about $800 machines he wants to know about his machine

If youre not going to answer the question DONT SPEAK (i think u meant to say "dont write anything!")!!

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by stephen griffin on 11/04/10

Hmmm. I guess I'm a conundrum then, I can tune my machines just fine, but, I love my $500 machine and I think you get what you pay for AND ny soul is in tack and doing fine. Oh, where do I fit in? Can someone please tell me? (type me) ha ha. That was a good point Chris.

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RE:paco rollins semi mag

Posted by will from IP: on 03/18/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

I got one of these to run a lot better after we changed out the coils for set of 8 wrap 47uf capacitor coils. this really helped a lot. For the time and money I would try this before anything else. Good luck, let us know what you do and what results you have!

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