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These SUCK!!!!

Posted by legion666 on 10/25/10

I bought my Time Machine fusions for all of the wrong reasons...They were Black,and simple...BUT at the same time I bought 9 other machine all that have been stolen, so the only thing I have left are my fusions---I have been tattooing on a regular basis in a fairly busy shop and they just don't hold up...Time Machine said I could swap them for one of their machines but am I swapping crap for crap? I wanted to swap for the Invade as a liner and the G3 for my shader....What about Dannys machines other than the fusions or flatliner...

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by munkeyspunk on 10/25/10

I bought a G force from Danny and honestly I sold it a while later to some one who does like em.Great coils but I had to tweak with it constanly.Paco Rollins is less and are very well built! Dependible day after day.Theres too many great machines out there to mention.Good luck.

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by Tony on 10/25/10

I have a old danny fowler liner, i dont even know what the hell it is, its a one piece frame, its been used for thousands of hours and the only thing thats been changed are the springs, its never skiped a beat. As for all his other machines.. eh.. i cant really say anything good about them, unless you like rebuilding machines alot. The invaders are powerfull, liners are a bit strong for anything under a 7.. same with the shaders.

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by anthony on 10/25/10

my friend has an invader for a backup coloerer. same thing. powerful.

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by mainst on 10/25/10

i own 3 of danny's machines 2 invaders and 1 other one. the invaders i use daily of color machines. it's a good machine but i feel they are over priced. and the "lifetime warranty" is total crap anytime i have had to call for warranty work the part is not covered. i think the only part that is covered is the shim under the coil. a good machine for the money is joey d irons and his customer service is tops.

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by tommy on 10/26/10

the fusions are overheating pieces of shit.

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by DENIXXX on 10/26/10

TIME MACHINES are good simple tattoo machines, but to much expencive for that quality, tha's all

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by Tony on 10/26/10

All machines are equally simple, the problem with time machines are opposite, they are too complex. It was a good thought to make a fully adjustable tattoo machine, but that became the machines fundimental flaw because they never stay in tune for very long.

Also, im going to have to disagree and say the price point is cheap considering the extra CNC time that would go into making one, however its not worth it based off their preformance. So yea, in a way they arnt worth crap. Unless you get lucky maybe..

To legion666, if you are going to swap them, i would suggest you did the opposite.. the invaders are definatly better shaders, they are pretty awesome color packers straight out of the box.. Just my opinion tho, definatly a better choice if you do alot of color work.

I think danny could make badass machines if he would just CNC a onepiece steel/iron frames

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by tommy on 10/31/10

or just get a solid machine from any number of reputable builders that already do it right.

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RE:These SUCK!!!!

Posted by Legion666 on 11/01/10

In response to Tommy---Initially I did do it right I bought 9 Tattoo machines(3 Infinite Irons, 3 Time Machine,& 3 Pulse) only to have 7of them stolen---I had to start over with the 2 they didnt take and a cheap power supply I bought from the local scratcher... On the bright side their 2 tattoo shops have gone under...

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