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Heavier disposable

Posted by Mike C on 10/26/10

So does any one knows which would be the best disposable to use that can at least mimic a SS tubes. I really want to switch towards disposables but they just shake and knocks off my balance on the machine(not completely) I was thinking if somehow I would be able to use a one inch disposable and put a red rat cover on top of it, would at least give it more weight, but I never tried it. Any one haves a philosophy of how to mimic a disposable to a SS?

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RE:Heavier disposable

Posted by Zapp on 10/26/10

Check this out !
This are the only disposable grips with a steel tube i know,but i never tryed one !

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RE:Heavier disposable

Posted by cbe: on 10/26/10

disposables from cam made the transition easier. rubber grip. one inchers. start with just integrating your shaders, and get a good feel for em befoer you use the liners. cheers and good luck!

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RE:Heavier disposable

Posted by GregH on 10/26/10

I just tried out the Good Guy supply disposables, I'm pretty happy with them overall but I had some flow issues with the small round tips. I don't know if he'll always do it but I just called the guy up and told him I was interested and asked if I could try out a few before ordering and he sent me some. They are the only disposables I could find with super fat grips, I don't own an autoclave so I can't use red rats :/ I was actually considering buying a clave *just* for red rats until I found these tubes. I also like the cam tubes but I prefer a tip that is clear so I can tell when it all the water/old ink is drained out after rinsing.

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True Tubes

Posted by TattooNOW Gabe from IP: on 12/31/10
easthampton, ma - website

check out True Tubes.

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