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Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by pistolerosha on 10/15/10

I had a quick question regarding Mithra's disposable tubes.

I'm used to using the ones from Kingpin supply (hard plastic tube that my machines can actually lock in place) and was wondering if the ones from Mithra are the same or if they are the real soft stuff that buckles when you try to tighten them down in the machine.

Any input would be appreciated.

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by cain on 10/15/10

there not flimsy at all ,just the opposite very thick.they fit really tight in the vice almost to tight,you almost have to twist them in

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by Evan on 10/15/10

I gave them a chance and I hate them. I'm now sitting on 4 boxes, and I never want to use them. I bought the ones with the rubber grips. On my soba, I can barely get them in, which causes the rubber grip to spins around. It's kinda sketchy when you need a screw driver to get some of them out.

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by Sam on 10/16/10

Hey Evan smae here. got the same damn problem with those tubes. The ones in eikon are way better no doubt

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by jin@jinn on 10/20/10

the new Wrath Tubes from tatsoul are amazing. they're the best I think in the industry. thin profile tip and the quality is great. a little pricier but worth it. the vortex grip is ultra comfortable too.

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by local77 on 10/21/10

the tat soul ones are a good design but as far as anything thats a 7 mag or bigger you really gotta rench them in there ..then the grip spins and its a pain in the ass..but the liners seem to go in with ease....might a got a bad batch..who knows..hate to bad mouth sometimes shit happens..

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by MotaVation on 10/21/10

I attempted to use the Mithra tubes w/ the metal grip. It was very tight putting it into the tube vice of my machine. When I went to adjust the tube, the shank snapped in my tube vice and the grip and tip came off in my hand!
Needless to say, I had to get a round file and fuck the shit outta my tube vice w/ it to shred the remaining tube out of there!?! (metaphorically speaking of course)

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RE:Mithra disposable tubes?

Posted by Mob on 10/21/10

i use the tatsoul wrath tubes and thats all i use now. the grip shouldnt spin because it is actually molded onto the tube unlike the other brands with the rubber grips that spin. i did have one batch with the barrel being too thick and they told me that they would replace that batch free of charge which they did. growing pains i guess when you introduce a new product. the new batches work wonders especailly with that great thin profile tips.

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