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Machine backwards

Posted by Davids on 10/08/10

has anyone had try to tattoo with the machine facing away from you? I just recently view on of my coworkers doing it since he said that it feels more balance for lining especially when he haves to tattoo on a upper bi-cab and haves to hold the machine up. I actually try to hold it the way he did and it does feel a bit more lighter and more control over it. But i am just scared to try it without a input about it by other people. So had any of ya guys use this method or seen anyone used it? maybe it haves to do more the way you hold machine also since not everybody holds it the same way with their fingers.

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RE:Machine backwards

Posted by paulie on 10/08/10

hmm... so from what i understand, you mean having the machine oriented in a different way than what is generally done. there are no downsides that i know of as long as your tube, tip and needle are re-rotated along with the machine to maintain proper alignment and whatnot. when i'm working i sometimes rotate the machine in weird ways to make working on a hard to reach spot more comfortable, but for the most part i have become comfortable with the classic orientation and do things the regualr way. one consideration (and this is kindof obvious) is when you are using flat liners or mags the angle is very important and changing the rotation indiscriminately will orient the needle all wrong.

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RE:Machine backwards

Posted by arthur on 10/08/10

I do that somethimes when the situation requires, but I have do that just with magnums, never feel the need for lining. I mean when there is some sharp field to be filled and I can't change my position to much, I just change the machine position, yes it feels a little more balanced but I had to practice to get the right feel, maybe I will try that with lines to see what happen

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