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Posted by Cory Hand on 04/18/10

when i got to work yesterday i was told to go run some errands before i could even take my equipment out of the car. we went to run errands in a coworkers car. we had only been gone for maybe an hour but my machines were sitting in the car the whole time. anyway i get back and unpack my machines to find that a couple of them have rusted really really bad. i know it wasn't just some thing i overlooked before i had worked with these very machines just a few hours earlier(i didn't get off till 4am) and they were fine. i never leave them outside over night or at all for that matter i just didn't know it would take that long to run the errands. how in the hell could this happen so fast?

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Posted by on 04/18/10

I had a problem like that once, i had a steel machine a looooong time ago that did that so i took it apart, cleaned the rust off then used some of that Renaissance Wax Polish - 65ml from kingpin and never had a problem again. try that and see if that works cause it could just of not of been protected from humidity and what not

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Posted by ChrisDowning on 04/19/10

I live in south Florida, its super humid pretty much all the time. I had a completely sanded down untreated frame sitting in my car for about a month. When I finally got around to finishing it and building it there was only a small bit of oxidation on the frame, you could hardly call it rusty.

My first guess would be the rust on your machines had been building up over time and you just didn't notice.

What are you wiping down your machines with? Certain chemicals will speed up corrosion.

What type of finish do the frames have?

Easiest fix (if ya know what you are doing) would be to just break the machines down, sand off all the rust and apply some sort of finish. Renaissance Wax is good stuff and should hold up pretty well for ya. There are countless ways to protect the metal though, do some reading.

If they are custom machines you may want to contact the builder and see if you can send them back to have them refinished and rebuilt.

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Posted by CR Jordan on 04/20/10

I used to use this madicide style stuff and wipe down the machines after tattooing - and it ate away at a lot of the components - especially the A-bars and coils - Now I just bag the shit out of them - and give them a wipe down after w/ alcohol - make sure they dry all the way.

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Posted by paulsxm on 08/29/10

i tried the Renaissance wax
but i still see rust spots starting on my springs.
how to apply this stuff good?
and how often do you apply??

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Posted by Memo on 08/29/10

I tried that Renaissance wax and it works but if you have a carved frame it can get stuck in the nooks and grooves, also gets into the screw holes.

I was told wd40 works well and costs less and protects it quite well. In fact if you work the angles of the paper towels you can clean the hard to reach spots on the springs. I do this after I wipe the frame down with madacide or at least after it dries.

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Posted by GregH on 09/03/10

I have shared this before in a different thread, but what I do to prevent corrosion on my machines and actually to keep my entire workstation looking shiny and clean is to use Windex. Just use the Madacide according to it's directions (usually wait ten minutes or until it evaporates) then spray everything down with Windex and wipe clean. I'm not shy with the stuff, and I spray it directly onto my machines. It is great at removing any corrosion built up on contact points and it cleans away any of the remaining high level disinfectant that will cause rust problems. If you do this you should be able to completely eliminate rust issues. And as a bonus your equipment will be extra clean :)

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Posted by GregH on 09/30/10

Ok so I was thinking about this rust thing more, and in my last response I talked about preventing rust caused by using Madacide, but it doesn't even seem like that was the problem in the original post, it was just caused by high humidity.

SO, I came up with a really simple solution, which is to store machines in an airtight container like a tupperware container or something like that, and include a desiccant packet. You know the little packets of humidity absorbing crystals that come in shoes always labeled "do not eat." The more I think about it the more I like the idea for traveling or for people who live in places like Florida or the tropics. Not only does it keep your machines nice and dry to keep them from rusting, but a dry environment is less hospitable for bacteria, which is a nice added bonus. Win win!

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Posted by zaxxon on 09/30/10

I eat those packets no problem.

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