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Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by David on 09/14/10

I have baught a joshua carlton machine trough one of my co-workers, I think its from 2002-2006? Im not sure, but anyways it was kind of rusting back a while so he decided to do something to it. It looks like if he had spray painted it black and put a glossy laminating cover over it, and it feels havey from all of my other machines. I dont know much about carving frames or what not but does anyone know if ther is something I can do to it to make it weight lighter. Or a professional person that I can pay and send my machine for he can litghen my frame up. I really dont care about the looks all I care is the performance of it besides I like the vintage look if ends up looking beten down. Love the machine it may be rusty but it works really good and smooth.

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by Gustav on 09/14/10

Joshua Carlton builds good machines. I would not change the weight and run the rish that the balance is gone without really knowing what you are doing .Leave it as it is or send it to Joshua or have and experienced tweaker look at it. His 3 set deal is good value so you can always save up for a replacement.

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by Dermal on 09/15/10

Yeah... Josh builds good machines, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The tube vices suck worse than the machines preform good, yuck.

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by anthony on 09/15/10


this is in response to your RE: thread you made by mistake.

sounds like before you go carving (wich you might not have to) you want to get all excess smegma off the frame... the quickest way is to use a belt/sand grinder, but if you dont have one (and jsut to play it safe anyway) try useing some 320 or 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to get that shit off.

when you get down to the frame you'll want to repolish it and give it some heat/oil treatment. good as new then.

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by finisher on 09/15/10

Hey - do not use a belt sander this will wreck the frame , go to the paint store and buy JASCO it is a paint/epoxy remover . Follow the directions , also wear nitrile gloves and know this - JASCO is powerful shit it will strip that frame in about 2 minutes , all the paint and top coat will bubble up , it is very easy . If you need more direction leave an email address and I will get you all the info - in regards to finish coating -

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by anthony on 09/16/10

yeah no... a belt sander totally wont ruin a fame. it would take the majority of that shit off in seconds, then you could take off the last thin layer before you hit the frame in a number of ways.

i take that back, if the frame was aluminum it could riun it if you didnt know when to pull back, but i don't think any JC machine are.

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by Tony on 09/16/10

yeah..yea. a belt sander is a bad idea. its too large and clumsy, and there are too many nooks and crannys to get into. it would work smooth for alot of the frame, but not all of it. and i wouldint use it on the spring or coil deck, too much room for error, strip it then sculpt it. Wear a facemask.

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RE:Carving my Joshua Carlton

Posted by anthony on 09/16/10

"too much room for error" if you mean holding the frame to it for 5 minutes in one spot then youre dead nuts right.

"it would work smooth for alot of the frame, but not all of it"

you said it not me... *highfive* also wet/dry works perfect for nookes and cranys.

but for real, just a difference of opinion i guess. im not even saying youre way is wrong, it probably works just fine, but i know this way works too. that's all im saying.

he probably doesnt even have a sander anyway. so whatever.


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