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Tattoo Magazines

Posted by Peter on 09/03/10

I can see more and more tattoo magazines emerging, which ones are worth checking out? Name a good one pls.

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by Don't feed the animals on 09/03/10

Tattoo artist magazine issue 21's out now never seen it one news stands have to order it from somewhere pulse carries it comes with a DVD also check it out

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by TAM on 09/03/10

Tattoo Artist Mag= excellent , the one the only also availible @ eikon .

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by Epicdermis on 09/03/10

Besides Tattoo Artist magazine, I still like Tattoo Society. Skin Art, ITA, and some of the European 'zines.

The best magazine out there though, in my opinion, is the free to download Tattooist Art magazine. Right now it is only available in digital form, but this coming issue (#5) will be a printed hard copy as well. For now, I recommend downloading all 4 current issues. Some of the most stunning work out there right now is coming out of Russia and Eastern Europe, and they are heavily covered by this publication. They also did a feature on ol' Nick B, and one of my other favorite artists, Victor Portugal.

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by shadow on 09/03/10

2 things, epicdermis,thanks, I was looking for that but couldn't remember the exact name. There's sooo much stuff out there. And 2, is this the first time a pics been in a post? I've never seen that.

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by H.B on 09/03/10

Thanks Epicdermis, and yes incredible tattoos on that mag, pretty insane. I like Total Tattoo and Tattoo Artist, the rest is average.

It isn't the only post with pics, FK, have posted before with pics, and some other people, it is like myspace if you can code you can post the link coded...

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by Inkstained on 09/03/10

Yeah... That Tattooist Art online mag is brilliant. Theres some nice soundracks along with the digital file.

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by on 09/05/10

What a surprise to read people making complements about my magazine. Thank you guys, it always nice to read good comments and critics about something you do :D.
I personally like Tattoo Society, Tattoo Masters magazines. I have probably done something wrong on my last post regarding the pencils sketch as my picture wasnt posted on the post, tough that the html option had been disabled.

Anyway, thanks guy for the good comments, and amazed that people were talking about my mag in a forum like this one!!!

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by Chris on 09/05/10

@ your mag,... cant wait till the next issue.

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by Epicdermis on 09/06/10

It's not my magazine. I have nothing to do with it other than gawking in awe at it and singing it's praises. The dude who actually publishes it just posted on here. He's the one deserving of your praise.

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by chris on 09/07/10

@ Epicdermis sorry brutha!!,,,when is the next issue coming out?

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RE:Tattoo Magazines

Posted by on 09/16/10

hey Chris

The next issue should be out later october or november, but not sure if the e-Mag will be out at the same time as the printed one as I am working out on a bigger e-Mag format to display the pictures a little bigger.

Any questions guys please emaill me via my website or facebook as I don't want to sound like I am advertising my magazine on Nick's forum :D though I am glad and stoked it was mentioned here.

Thank you

Leonardo Reis

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