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Posted by entropy on 08/25/09

I just want to know your guys opinions on using vasaline. It is known to break down your gloves (latex in something like 3 minutes and nitrile in around an hour). Some artists say it is unnecessary but others feel it helps with staining, makes wiping easier and helps your stencil last longer. I personally have better results using vasaline and make sure I change my gloves before an hour but If the glove is breaking down is that not risky? Is there anything I can use that is not oil based and will not break down the gloves?

It seems this issue is ignored a lot in the industry but is very serious.

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Posted by Gina on 08/25/09

My artist changes his nitrile gloves so often that I wouldn't even consider it to be a problem (several times an hour). Also, he uses the petrolium so sparingly....just enough so that the way he works (area by area, not darks to lights) that colors don't get mixed and muddy in the skin.

I guess it all depends on how the artist works.

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Posted by Omar on 08/25/09

hmm, that never happened to me, I tend to use nitrile for some customers.
Again I use triple ointment, not the vaseline brand.
I don't think any reputable artist will "ignore" the issue if there is a real problem with nitrile and vaseline.

Now regarding the statements that consider ointment unnecessary, I haven't found yet a single artist that doesn't use it. I wouldn't be able to picture myself not using it.

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Posted by davey on 08/25/09

Fougera makes something called "Surgilube". It comes sterile in foil packs, and they say it will not affect rubber or plastics....according to the what the company says at least.

It will also apply a stencil, much like stencil stuff(though i like stencil stuff better personally, i know artist who get great results with the surgilube).

Myself, im not crazy about it...too thin and runny, but its another option if anyone is looking to give it a shot. Anyone else have something they prefer?

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Posted by brito on 08/26/09

i use vaseline, haven't noticed it eating away at my gloves. i think it helps me keep the stencil clean, which in turn makes for a better tattoo.

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Posted by TattooNOW gabe on 08/27/09

From what I can remember from the numerous Health Educators classes, petroleum based ointments will break down the effective barrier in latex in like 7 minutes. In effect, if you dont change your latex gloves in time, your fingertips are basically in the ick!

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Posted by jess on 08/27/09

that is true. if you care about yourself and your customers (which i am sure most of you do) dont tattoo with latex if you use any petroleum based product.

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Posted by dread on 10/14/09

first, Brito, the holes the petroleum products (yes, A&D and triple antibiotic ointment ARE petroleum based) are creating in your gloves are microscopic, thats why you aren't noticing them. just like when i client touches his tattoo and shows you his hand saying " but,i didint get any blood on my hands" does not mean his hands are not contaminated. just cause you cant see, it does not mean its not there.
... i guess im the one artist that does not use petroleum jelly regularly during the course of the tattoo. i find it makes it harder to stretch. i might put a little over some yellow or white if i need to go back in with some black (in ten years ive yet to have problems with colors staining each other, this seems to be more a issue if you over work the skin), or during a break to keep it from trying to scab. but generally it just holds my ink caps.

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Posted by DeputyDog on 10/15/09

I rarely use any during Line-Work.

Heck, I dont think I ever apply it over a stencil like most of my co-workers. For me, it makes the canvas slippery than a greased owls shit on a door knob, and I cannot get a good stretch.

I only use it for color or shading, mainly to keep Tattoo'd area's moist. I notice after a few hours some area's become 'dry', the A&D helps keep it moist and able to take a few more layers of ink.

I didnt know that A&D effected Nitrile, thats new to me. I generally change gloves within an hour of coloring though, because I usually take a break or get new inks, machines ect.

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Posted by traveling tom on 10/16/09

a&d does NOT effect nitrile gloves, they are made up of different compounds than latex, but you should be changing your gloves often anyway, or you will most likely be contaminating your workstation.

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Posted by INKSANE on 10/16/09

there used to be a mineral oil based vaseline, i don't know if they stopped making it b'cause i can't find it in my country anymore, but since i changed to nitrile gloves, petrolatum based vaseline is not a problem to the gloves, even than i still have the habit to change them every hour

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Posted by me on 10/17/09

i think some people in this thread are misunderstanding that we're talking about microscopic breakdown of the gloves, not necessarily anything you can see with your eye, alltho on occasion that does happen too. just wanted to clear that up.

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Posted by paulsxm on 09/04/10

they said this on unimax website:
"There is NO recommendation to use Nitrile instead of Latex when using petroleum products.
Some misread the reports.
The recommendation is to use water based products with Latex because Nitrile does not offer
the same level of protection as Latex."

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