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Clear plastic tips

Posted by JRoma on 06/12/10

Does anyone know supply that sells clear plastic tips.a lot them sells black,blue or white.i'm using steel i need only tips.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by on 06/12/10

I guess the Alla Prima website sells them for $5. I personally hate their ink, but they have the tips you are looking for.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by Rdh on 06/13/10

Why would you spend the trouble cleaning and autoclaving metal grips only to put plastic tips in them? Good guy and dark art sell plastic clear disposable tubes. I've seen plastic tips sold but thought only scratchers would use them. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by rdh on 06/13/10

hmmm wierd never seen autoclavable plastic tips just saw them on allprimas sight they seem cool. I just figure if your gonna use platic tips might as well switch to disposables.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by T on 06/13/10

that doesint sound like a good idea at all. The set screws are going to crack the plastic, doesint seem like they would hold the tube well either. and no way can you autoclave the tips. Whats your reasoning for wanting to put metal grips on them ? balance ?

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by JRoma on 06/13/10

Yes for balance.
i have grip that doesnt have can order from ebay

beside screw doesnt do anything to them i've been using them more than 2 year now.
you dont clean them use then throw away.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by chris van r on 06/13/10

i've been using disposable tubes for over a couple years now and after trying various styles, i've switched to eikon's single piece tip/tube disposables. i tried to get use to the weight/balance/vibration issues with straight up disposables, but in the end found that a ss grip made all the difference for me. it gives you the weight/balance that your use to and cuts out the vibration you get from plastic. as for the grub screws cracking the plastic, with the eikon ones, they will dent in if you tighten them down too much causing your needle bar to rub. it doesn't take much tightening to get them to grab enough so that they won't budge. alright...enough of the background, on to the topic. i get the fact that your not going to have any metal wear, but i think that scrubbing tips is the worst, time consuming, most meticulous part; so why would you want to scrub plastic tips, let alone tips at all? if your looking for disposable tips, why not get rid of the tube as well? one less thing to scrub and autoclave the better.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by Eriksenn on 08/23/10

Just picked up a couple Alla prima sure-glide tips from the SF tattoo expo... and they rock! They are Not disposable, are made of surgical grade plastic(which will not crack), and autoclave with no problem. I am a die-hard SS tube 3 piece guy, and these are top-notch IMO. I hate disposables due to the balance issue, but for light colors they have been my option... Not anymore! I highly recommend them, and will be buying more. Advantages: No staining light colors
Balance of a SS grip and tube
Great needle control with very little pitch
Easy to clean before claving
None yet...

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by coreypopp on 08/23/10

Good to hear some feedback on the Sure Glide tips from Allaprima. I'm ordering some too. Wish they made liner tips, but excited about checking them out.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by Eriksenn on 08/26/10

Corey, also the inkflow on the sureglides is Amazing! The reservoir keeps a ton of ink too... I find myself dipping less than ever. A couple other things I have noticed: They create less friction than anything out there, even SS. Also they have a kind of "shelf" above the needles to keep em down in the tube. I am ordering bunches.

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RE:Clear plastic tips

Posted by shadow on 08/26/10

JRoma, sorry if I sound like a dick, but I couldn't help noticing your thread about covering your grips with plastic so they could be reused without sterilization. Since this seems to be a continuation of that (maybe) I gotta ask, for my own peace of mind, if you're still doing that. Please say you're not. That post gave me nightmares, for real, and I'd hate to think that anybody is unknowingly contributing to unsafe practice by answereing anything on this thread.

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