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Posted by Memo on 08/22/10

Hello Folks,

My name is Memo and I have been reading these posts for quite a while. Finally, I have worked up the courage to post something which has not yet been discussed: seminars. I have been tattooing for two years and naturally, I am constantly seeking ways to improve myself. However, I gotta say that most of the seminars I have attended have been subpar, unorganized and mostly just storytelling...Most of these were held by big names. All of the people teaching have been cool and I'm not knocking them as people or artists, but if I am going to shell out some clams for knowledge then I would like to know which seminars are worth going to.


Oh yeah. Props Nick.
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Posted by on 08/23/10

I went to the Nikko Hurtado seminar two years ago and the ink and iron show. That actually had some real technical knowledge and it was also easy to follow. The Jeff Gogue seminar was also pretty good, but more inspirational than any solid technique; however, the seminar was awesome.

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Posted by Gustav on 08/23/10

Have been to the big name seminars when they are at the Gold Coast, Australia. The problem I found that there are always a couple of dickheads that take up far too much time with questions that are irrelevent to anybody else but them. Bob Tyrrell, just to mention one,
will answer the questions (to be polite and not to offend, I guess) and is then also looking for time to get on with the lecture. The two don't really mix. To pay good money for good lectures is ok and worth it but to have constant interruptions by arseholes who just want to be heard is annoying the shit out of me.

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