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wireless footswitch

Posted by paulsxm on 08/17/10

just stumbled upon these,
mojo wireless footswitch.
they look nice, anybody try them? or know about mojo products?
(a lot more affordable than the other company thats for sure)

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by anthony on 08/17/10

they look pretty cool. pretty crafty actually... just couldnt see myself wanting or feeling like i need to get one.

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by cbe: on 08/18/10

i know the guys at were working on a prototype for a good wireless footswitch last time i checked.

so two things: check out that awesome tattoo blog
and check out their footswitch if its done.

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by Zapp on 08/18/10

Thanks for your advice !
I have ordered one right now !
I looking for a longer time for a good wireless footswitch !
This one looks solid and not expensive !
Finaly,Critical have the new one out now !
But look at the price !!!!!!!

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by paulsxm on 08/18/10

let me know how it works..

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by shhh on 08/18/10

Check out this wireless power supply I heard good thinks about it so far

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by shadow on 08/19/10

Yeah, the Critical one looks awesome, plus, as I already have the power supply it was made for it would make sense. Only thing that sucks is A: the price and B: they have now redeveloped the power supply and the new ones come with the receiver already installed in the unit (kind of cool so there's no receiver to plug in/ lose/ or break). I read on their website that they will refurbish the old ones, but you obviously need to send it back to them and be without the power supply for 4-5 days (maybe more, 2 days with them, at least 2 days each way) but if I'm gonna shell out the 200 bucks I figure I might as well have it the way it was originally meant to be. Maybe I'll go back to air powered for a week? or....vacation?

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RE:wireless footswitch

Posted by on 08/19/10

As you guys are talking about wireless stuff, you can also check this wireless tattoo machine:

check this video: The artist is suspended with a harness and the client is suspended by hooks in her back and thigh. Damn just the thought of it makes me feel the pain!!!!

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