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Line building???

Posted by ala1 on 08/15/10


What you think of larger than 9 liner gropings.
The largest I use is 7tl and I build the lines up with that or
super thick ones 5mag and tighten with 7tl.
What I wonder would the needles like tight 14 be a easier way to go?
I have seen and heard so many mixed results and ideas.

All so do the lines done with open liners seems to loose the
"edge" overtime or is´t just me?


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RE:Line building???

Posted by santos999 on 08/19/10

be careful with those 14 rounds, they scar badddddd

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RE:Line building???

Posted by T on 08/19/10

ive never had a reason or desire to use a 14.. 9 is as big as i go, but even thats kinda rare, if i needed a edge that thick i would just use shadeing or build up lines...even with 9s you get the bed of nails effect on alot of skin types/areas, its less trauma to the skin to build with a 5 or 7. Even 9s can straight scar someone at the minimal amount of force required to get them in the skin. It all depends on the persons skin really. Im more confident using bigger groupings on people ive tattooed before

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RE:Line building???

Posted by me on 08/19/10

yes, open or loose/shading liners do NOT have the same edge qualities as tight liners!! over time it becomes more pronounced...a softer edge...not a blow-out, just, softer, rounded if you will. this is an aesthetic or stylistic preference one can make...these softer lines will lend a more painterly look to the tattoo over time but must be used appropriately, because in some scenarios, obviously, it will be disadvantageous to the aging of a piece to have slightly thicker and softer-edged lines.

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RE:Line building???

Posted by travelingtom on 08/19/10

i use tight 14 bugpins for traditional work, i have never scarred anybody up. and the lines are crisp and clean, even when using color to line with

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RE:Line building???

Posted by shadow on 08/19/10

It's funny T mentioned the "bed of nails" effect. I was gonna say the same thing. The guy I learned a lot from used 14 rounds for almost everything, and I personally didn't always completely like the finished results. But he did and his clients did.That's all that I can really see mattering. I used to think that the larger the work, the larger the needle grouping should be, but I've seen too many artists put this theory to bed by doing full backs in crazy fast amounts of time, using 5-7 rounds and 7 mags. Then again, there's Filip Leu and lots of others using like 50 mags or whatever, so it seems it really is just a matter of opinion.

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