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rotary vs coil

Posted by briann on 07/22/10

so after try a rotary from almost 2 years i come back to coils
the big diference for me is the slap,slap means power,with rotary i have to work very fast and damage a lot the skin.i can get much better results with my punchy coils
i still use rotarys for b&g but for colors coils or die________________

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by Tommy on 07/24/10

never had a problem with rotaries.

i can get softer than butterfly kisses with my shader, rock laser lines with my liner, and pound in some thick as color with my color packer.

900 little futzy things can go wrong with a coil machine... and i just don't care anymore. its not that i don't know coils... i'm no builder, but i can strip a coil machine and put it back together, and diagnose and fix just about any problem that comes up...

but i would rather tattoo.

rotaries. fuck yeah.

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by damian on 07/25/10

Fuck rotaries, Nothing hits like a coil machine.
I'm done experimenting as well.

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by T on 07/25/10

fuck rotaries indeed. Coil machines are simple and you can make them do anything you want them to do, and they are cheap and easy to repair AND there are only a few simple parts. How easy and cheap do you need it to be ? Rotaries are the opposite, they have a bunch of parts and are a pain in the ass to repair, if not impossable. Expensive and limited.

Its not broke and doesint need to be fixed.

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by ChrisDowning on 07/26/10

I have never used a rotary. I know a lot of dudes who use them and love them though. My buddy got a little traditional hour glass, the whole thing was done with a rotary and a tight 3 and it is fucking dope. I can't remember who he said did it.

I'm sure if I got a nice rotary I could find a place for it in my rotation.

At least they aren't neumas.

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by sassafras on 07/28/10

Rotaries are the shit!!
Don't get me wrong coils are always a go to....but after I got into rotaries,I'll never look back..... less problematic, easy to get buttery blends, can hit soft or hard....and great for both lining and shading.

I got a few of the Stealth (swiss style for about $100) machines, and they work great! I like them better than my $300 coil machine.

its all preference, its what works best for you.

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by brian on 08/02/10

i like rotarys for bones skin,like elbows ,knees,foots

power without slap

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by Boneskin on 08/03/10

Bone skin??? I've never heard of such type of skin.

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by lipskin on 08/03/10

I find them very useful for softer tissue such as lipskin or noseskin

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by T on 08/03/10

schnozzberry !? whos ever heard of a schozzberry !!!???

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RE:rotary vs coil

Posted by paulsxm on 08/15/10

guy aitchison had some good words on this subject:
Pneumatic and electric rotary machines are another animal entirely. What I'm focused on here is what I refer to as a "stroke profile", where you imagine a graph of the actual motion of the needle as time passes. With a coil tattoo machine, you'll most likely find that the needle pauses for a period of time at the top of each stroke as electromagnetism builds, then when the magnetic power is adequate to overcome the spring tension, it suddenly pulls it down. As the armature bar approaches the coil, its distance decreases, hence greater magnetic pull as it moves downward... so in effect, the needle pauses at the top, accelerates toward the skin, then pulls out immediately without any kind of turnaround time. With any rotary tattoo machine, the opposite happens- the needle is always in motion in a smooth oscillating motion, meaning that the needle is actually slowing down as it approaches the skin... it slows down to a stop, then speeds up again gradually as it pulls out. In some ways, the needle strike of a rotary tattoo machine is the polar opposite of that of a coil tattoo machine. What this translates to is that with rotaries, the points spend more time in the skin, so the tattooist needs to adapt their hand motion to this or there is a continual sense of the needles snagging the skin. Many color realists have found that this modified hand motion lends itself to their working style perfectly, although I find that it cramps the style of my rapid hand movements, which I like to keep uninhibited."

in the end, whatever works best for you is best for you!

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