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Alla prima "Sweating"ink bottles???

Posted by ala1 on 08/09/10


Something weird is happening whit my inks.I have full set of Alla primas
and I noticed that bottles are pushing out some strange odorless/
colorless liquid ,very like baby oil???The longer the bottle is not used the more there is the liquid around the cap or even on all bottle.I have used Intenze and Starbrights sets and some Mom´s and never seen anything like this before.
And yes my inks are stored properly,in a nice dark cabinet no head or anything like that and is ok as well.

Any ideas???

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by Scottg on 08/09/10

I'm curious as well had the same exact thing happen to me with a set of inks mine was stored right as well I still have them but I stopped using them soon as I noticed this was happening

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by Mystic on 08/10/10

Hi Guys
Well I can't speak for that brand but I can tell you what is probably happening. The pigment has probably been dispersed in a formula containing Glycerine. This is perfectly fine and safe but Glycerine is what is known as "Hydrophilic" this means that it loves water and will attract it out of the air. Probably a little of the glycerine is stuck under the cap when you close it and over night it attracts water out of the atmosphere and thins itself down to such an extent it runs down the outside of the bottle. If you want to see how this works put 1/2 a teaspoon of glycerine out overnite and in the morning you will probably have a full spoon of dilluted Glycerine! The other brands you mention may be dispersed in acrylic co-polymer which tends to dry to a solid film so it won't happen. If you are happy with the colours then don't stop using them because of that.

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by Scottg on 08/10/10

Thanks for your reply mystic I had no clue what was happening I was happy with them till I noticed this happening I had them stored in a Tupperware container one question though will this affect the ink in a negative way?and if so how?

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by coreypopp on 08/10/10

I may be crazy but this is something i do. I put a few packs of those silica balls(that comes in a lot of packages, shoes, items that have been shipped, ect...) in the drawers of all my equipment to help soak up any moisture in the air. I do the same thing with my tools in my tool box at home. This may not actually work as well as i imagine it to but i do it anyway. If it is an air moisture problem this may help a little.

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by ala1 on 08/10/10

Thanks for you help Mystic.

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by ChrisDowning on 08/10/10

You can also use charcoal briquettes to help absorb moisture in your drawers. I keep a couple in the drawer where I keep my machines. I'm in south west Florida and it's so damn humid I can practically swim to work all summer. Since I started doing that there has been a noticeable difference in how quickly corrosion builds up.

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RE:Alla prima

Posted by Zooded on 08/10/10

Im not sure about this but it might be the type of plastic the bottles are made of. Look at the bottom of the bottle and see what number is inside the 3 arrows ( recycle symbol ) then look into that type of plastic.

Not all plastic bottles are the same, Some are suspected to release carcinogens ( cancer causing ), as well as cause shit like heart disease, obesity, something with hormones, probably other shit too I but I never dug toooo deep on it so Im not exactly well informed on this.

Some are also said to be very dangerous to a fetus. Notice how most baby bottles these days say "BPA free"? Oddly enough in the past these polycarbonate's were and still are used in things like baby bottles and large water jugs. If you have a water cooler in your shop look at the bottom, chances are it says "7" in the triangle, Im not saying they contain these "BPA's" but if I remember right that would be the type that would.

I cant help but to wonder if this plays at least a small part in the high percentage of cancers in both men and woman these days. Among other things of course.

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