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tim hendricks shader

Posted by zerosum on 04/05/10

I bought a tim hendricks shader from lucky tattoo suply about 3 years ago..
Its a very well built, solid machine. It has a single spring and sounds and hits great....HOWEVER, I can never seem to get consistent results with it. At times it sounds very chattery. I always thought this might be because it uses a single spring set up rather than your standard two.. but im really not sure anymore. The contact screw is also copper and seems to build up carbon really quickly.

I really wanna "love" this machine and say that i got my moneys worth..(it is well built) but I cant ever seem to rely on it 100% as a daily shader. I always feel like im fiddling with something on it. I have other machines that i run, that once broken in, i barely have to do anything to keep up maintenance on them..

Anyone running these machines have similar problems? Do they just work better with certain needle groupings? generally i run a 7 mag..or an 11 mag.. any help appreciated.

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RE:tim hendricks shader

Posted by cbe on 04/06/10

I think of what David Bruehl said in a interview I read a while back "So much of tattooing is about learning what works for you, rather than knowing the one right way to do something. Its easy to get lost in all that, though. No matter how hard one tries, theres not going to be that magic machine or magic pigment thats going to make a person a good tattooist. Thats the result of a lot of hard work and a lot of time spent at the drawing table."

I think there is a lot of hype regarding tattoo artists and their machines. I do know that Tim Hendricks makes a very good quality machine with a great deal of attention paid to detail, however...that doesn't mean its going to work well for you.

I've bought and sold many "top" machines just finding out which ones I like. Thats the key. Maybe it runs GREAT for someone else, or maybe its a simple tuning issue. Good luck!

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RE:tim hendricks shader

Posted by Eriksenn on 04/06/10

Just thought I would weigh in. I do not own a Hendricks machine, but I do have a Dringenberg shader with the single spring setup. It is not chattery at all, and actually seems to run smoother because of the single spring(?)

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RE:tim hendricks shader

Posted by zerosum on 04/06/10

interesting points on both parts... I do like the concept of the single spring, honestly....i think i may try tuning it one more time before i do anything else..maybe even cut some springs

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