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Junebug machines

Posted by lado on 05/06/09

I couldnt find more info about them and Im aware this is again a machine topic....but I see them being sold on the ebay regularly, for a decent price. Anybody uses them? I red somewhere he was working with A. Cain....maybe its just bulshit..anybody knows..

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by RyanBluebirds on 05/06/09

I have a shorty liner and a shader from him. He makes good consistent machines and they look pretty. My Fallen King machines get more use, but Junebug makes good stuff. I'd definately buy from him again.

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by TOC on 05/06/09

I agree with what RyanBluebirds said. I use my FKI's more than any other but the Junebug machines I have are great machines and still make it into my rotation.

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by Madmosher666 on 05/07/09

I've got a liner and a shader from him. They're the best looking machines in my collection but they don't get much use. The shorty liner puts nice lines in at 6 volts but can get a little hot after prolonged use. The shader sounds real harsh, i don't know if it's because i'm used to listening to my standard sized shader all day or what. It never sounds like it's running properly. I've noticed it can start running inconsistently after as little as half an hour. These are both straight out of the box with a little running in time. I may tinker with them one day.

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by ltd on 05/07/09

I dunnno bout this junebug cat. From my understanding he and Aaron did some machine colab stuff but then Junebug got all up on his nuts and has been straight biting Aaron, even after Aaron had publicly voiced his concern. And truthfully look at Junebugs stuff. It straight up screams Cain wannabe.

Just on principle alone I would have to pass on anything Junebug related reguardless how his machines run. There is enough canabilism in this industy I feel. My money is better spent elsewhere. But who knows, maybe it is straight up a coincidence of styles..

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by Ryanbluebirds on 05/07/09

I've never heard anything about Junebug working with Aaron Cain, but I commissioned him to make me my shader and talked to him a bit. It was nice and easy. There are plenty of people making carved machines in that biomechanical style so I don't think you could say he's straight biting off of Cain, but Cain "borrowed" a lot from Guy Aitchison too, you know? I guess what I'm saying is there is nothing new under the sun, as long as you "borrow" with respect and try to evolve yourself, I don't see it being necessarily a bad thing. Junebug makes decent, pretty machines, and at least you can get them for under $600 :-).

With regards to the shaders sounding "wierd." The one I got from him sounds a bit different too. Similar to the Soba Pilot I had. Long frame geometry and long skinny springs. I just resprang it a month ago with some eikon bluesteel springs and it sounds "normal" now. Still runs nice and consistent. You could probably contact him about retuning them if your having a problem. He seemed nice enough on the phone.

Oh and make sure your clipcord or powersupply isn't going, I just spent an hour trying to figure out why my FK Galaxie was acting up till I realize my clipcord was crapping out on me haha.


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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by TOC on 05/07/09

I don't really like his production machine "The Artist" that much but I have a custom carved Jonesy machine from him that is amazing.

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by Chris on 04/02/10

I just recently got a Junebug "BluDog" shader and the first thing i noticed is the inconsistant woodpecker sound, during my first tattoo with it, it started loosing power almost as though the spring was broken. I loosened the rear spring coin and checked it and it checked fine. so i tightened it back up and it started to work again. it shades fine and it hits nice and smooth, just sounds a little weird. i diffinately would buy from him again.

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by Caseya69 on 04/03/10

I have a carved bulldog machine from him that I paid $260 for and it is my most reliable and consistant shader that I have right now, I just bought a galaxie II aluminum shader from FKIrons, paid $530 for it and it is not running as well as Junebugs, I will have to mess around with the tuning a bit I guess!!!

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RE:Junebug machines

Posted by Caseya69 on 04/04/10

Tinkered with the Galaxie today, running smooth as butter, guess I had to find it's sweet spot for me, def. take back any complaints that I had, was putting color in today with single passes, even the hardest colors for me to put in! My Junebug is def. my daily workhorse tho, now I just have another!

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