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Critical cx-2

Posted by on 03/03/10

SOOOOO has anyone used the critical thinkin of really buyin Nikko said he loved his.....he said it was his fav power supply....untill some one stole his case that had his power unit in it.........well i want your feed back good or bad! thanks.....if any one has one they wanna come off let me ( myspace/tattoosbydewey myspace/orphanirons ill trade a custom built machine to your specs for one.........if not ill just fire up the credit card.........thanks everyone!

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by coreypopp on 03/03/10

I've had mine for over a year and its amazing. The other guys in the shop use the EMS300 which is huge and difficult to barrier. The CX-2 is easily covered with a bottle bag. I love the machine presets, and the stop watch on it. Comes in handy when charging by the hour. I don't have one complaint from it. Just waiting for that cordless footswitch that has been "under development" for what feels like forever. Anyway hope that helps.

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by Caseya69 on 03/04/10

I've had mine for about a year also, never had any problems out of it and my favorite part about it is the constant run feature!!!

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by gjm on 03/04/10

hey what about the cx-1?? i dont have the funds for a cx-2 or eikon ems but i want something with a meter..

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by lado on 03/04/10

Then you can go (as I did) for the new eikon ems 250. It has the meter, its a bit smaller than the ems 300, and its way cheaper....

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by grasshopper on 03/05/10

i have owned the cx-1 and now i have the cx-2, i also own a couple of there machines(also fks) the shit is sick, definatly worth every penny, i can lock it in my box with no probs, and ya the constant run feature rocks aswell

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by shadow on 03/24/10

I love that damn power supply. Yea, that wireless footswitch is starting to seem like maybe I'll have to follow a unicorn to the end of a rainbow to get one. I got so tired of checking the site every week to see if it was done yet that I kind of forgot about it till just now. I'm also really diggin using mini-jack cable instead of a clip-cord. Such a more solid connection and never cuts out no matter what angle it's at. Pulse sells convesion kits in sets of 3. They're cheap and only take about 5 minutes per machine to set up. I've got friends that like using the RCA cords, but those seem a little big and clunky for me. Either way, they're both a million times better than a clip-cord. And whats the point in having some expensive, hi-tech power supply if the powers not getting to where it's supposed to go?

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RE:Critical cx-2

Posted by Pete on 03/28/10

Hy, does anybody know the critical knockoff "hurricane"?
I think the most (or all) electrical components are made in china
(also from eikon and critical).
an uk supplier sells it for about 140 gbp.
any exeriences with this "thing"?
(only for my interest, i will not push chinese copies!!)
Petes Greetz

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