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seth machines

Posted by tat2d on 03/04/10

hey nick and everyone else,would love all your opinions,just paid 1000.00 for a liner and shader from seth(beautiful machines)...they run a little different from my other machines.. they run at like 4 volts unloaded and the ft is at 9,and they don't seem to sound all that great....maybe i'm just used to my dringenbergs...and also would you guys be putting in solid color and blending with the shader,cause it seems a little weak for color......i know most shaders will pack color????

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RE:seth machines

Posted by cbe on 03/04/10

im surprised your machine doesnt pack it in there. his machines generally are heavy hitters, unless its a b&g walker or something. which machines did you get? i love my seth shader, i have one of the customized purist frames...

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RE:seth machines

Posted by Gaston - FK Irons on 03/05/10

Hey man, not to disrespect you, but after spending $1000 on Seth's great machines you should have given the man a call or email and outline your situation with him before jumping on a board and saying that the machine is not performing.
No one better than the builder will give you a on point solution.

To say the machine run at 4 volts unloaded means basically nothing, since you can't really tell the right voltage and how a machine runs your needles after is loaded.

a 9 FT is usually nothing to worry about, sometimes by angling the spring or contact screw a bit brings it back to "0".
In reality numbers don't mean much when you have mastered your tattooing technique.

Regarding sound, all machines sound different so to judge a machine by the sound is a hard call, unless the machine sounds like a choppy chain saw.

Give Seth the opportunity to help you, I've realized that most users' problems are due to the user's inexperience regarding certain aspects the machine rather than a problem in the machine itself.

Not to kiss ass but I own some of his machines and they are solid running gear. I probably should have kept my mouth shut but couldn't help.

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RE:seth machines

Posted by tat2d on 03/05/10

no, you are right Gaston,i have called a few times but am unable to get anyone for assistance,don't get me wrong,seth has been one of my favs for a long time,love his work...these machines i have are the nicest i have ever seen...and to pic up for myself i am not inexperienced,i have used some of the best machines on the market and have never had any trouble with them,just a little tuning here and there..

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RE:seth machines

Posted by lado on 03/05/10

waw 1000 bucks-thats a serious combo. I own a couple of his machines too. they run and perform fantastic. First try to tattoo with them, dont get too much excited about the numbers (especially what eikon states regarding speed and machine set up)...

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RE:seth machines

Posted by zombie92272 on 03/05/10

Atleast I learned how to bring the FT back to "O"...My Seth Nickle Jones was also at 9...LoL'...Thanx Gaston!

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RE:seth machines

Posted by Madmosher666 on 03/06/10

This is a little off topic but as helpful as the numbers on a meter are they are just a starting point a bit like the old nickel dime theory. According to Machinegun magazine my liner set up is ideal for colour work! But it's whatever works for the tattooist.

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RE:seth machines

Posted by Bill Waverly on 03/06/10

Turn them up. Seth sets them up to run at 6 volts with no load.

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