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Posted by Stef on 02/12/10

hi guys, i've been following this forum a little bit and i really like it!
i work in a tattooshop in northern of sweden, and im wondering what a bugpin-needle is?
been reading alot of this bugpin-needle, and we dont have it here in scandinavia, or maybe we call it something else.

i would like someone to help me explain this type of needle : )
thanks guys

regards from sweden

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Posted by Josh on 02/12/10

Bugpins are any needle smaller in diameter than a #12. Therefore a #10 or #8 are consider bugpins due to it's reduced diameter resulting into smaller punctures on the skin. That's why people refer to this needles as ideal for smooth blend work.

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Posted by brian on 02/12/10

in fact bugpin needles is illusion
the important thing is the taper,i can show you some bugpins with a more bullet taper than a #12 needle
so bugpin maybe be good for guys that look almost for smooth colors
bugpin in fact give you more skin resistance=more trauma

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Posted by inkmaster on 02/18/10

Bugpins are originally manufactured to fix bugs (real ones not software!). They can have different diametres. Good bug pins are using a very hard steel and have a sharp taper that goes into the bug or the skin very easy.

They riginally haven't got a bullet taper. One of the most famous bugpin manufacturers have been Emil Arlt in Vienna, founded in 1927. The company closed in 2002 and the machines have been sold to the German scarabeus needlefactory. They keep on manufacturing these orginal needles on very high level. The needles are very expensive compared to chinese, but have outstanding quality. Unfortunately there is only a German Webpages available (

Now there are several other companies claiming to have bug pins, but it seems as if they just use the name to promote there product and don't manufacture real bug pins.

The above mentioned scarabeus / Emil Artl needles have been sold years ago by National in the States and were caled Elephant needels, because of the trademark stamped on. But now there is no more distributor overseas.

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Posted by jay from IP: on 03/08/11
nj, nj United States - website

so what your saying is that bugpins are basically 'tighter' grouping?

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Posted by Godsdog from IP: on 03/09/11
, Texas United States

No.....bugpins are a smaller diameter needle usually with a longer taper to the point. Tightness only factors in to how the needles are grouped on the bar.

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