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Posted by Kapatid on 04/26/07

have any one of you guys tried the corsair tattoo machine from pulse? I just want to know if they are good machines for doing smooth shading and coloring?

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Posted by on 04/27/07

haha.. i got one of those for sale to.. haha.. they are dope color shaders.. a bit to long of a frame design for my personal liking, but stilla good machine.

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Posted by ltd on 04/28/07

have one set close to a cut back for blk/gry.seems nice and smooth. Watch out too, if you go big on layers your tube will tear your coil cover.

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Posted by Jess on 02/09/09

I need a new shader. Bought & fought w/ the Fusion forever and I've had it. Fusion is very inconsistant, had to send mine back twice. Im interested in the Corsair from Pulse and the Invader from Time Machine. Looking for machine thats going to help me pack in color & shade w/ ease. Out of the two which would be a better pick? If you think neither of them are a good option let me know what would be?

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Posted by Teco on 02/09/09

Man trust me, buy a machine from Seth Ciferri I mean call him and explain him what you want, you can't go wrong with his machines, this guy has been building machines for a long time.
I hope this helps

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Posted by joep on 02/10/09

i know how this sounds...but a good tattooer can usually do a good tattoo with any well tuned machine. with that said(which you prob already knew) try out alot of machines till you find what you like. if you work with a few people..try theirs out if they dont mind. even if its something you wouldnt usually use. obviously tuning a machine to do what you want is ideal..but sometimes you pick up a machine thats tuned way different than you would like and it just works. something changes and it just works better than you ever thought it would. -joep

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Posted by Synesthesia on 02/11/09

wanna buy mine. If you are going through pulse get a solution.

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Posted by Jess on 02/12/09

Hey guys!! Thanx for getting back to me so fast that rocks! This forum is really cool. I'll check out Seth Ciferri & Pulse Solution machine. I'm defintely trying different machines out. I've been tattooing professionally for around 9 months, trying different inks, needles, grips, all that good stuff. I just havent found the right machine for me yet.. Have any of you tried one of Aaron Cains? Appreciate everything guys!! Keep it real & KEEP INKIN!

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Posted by joep on 02/14/09

you should try mike young machines, or marv lerning. i have a cutback liner from mike that i picked up for 400 than runs fucking ace. im about to pick up a gambino shorty from marv. i think they are around the same price. anything from the guild should be ace as well. -joep

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Posted by ltd on 02/14/09

Jess, i have both a Cossair and an Invader. They both are well built machines but since the day the Aaron Cain #9 roundback came into my life, things changed for colour application.

Ive tried out a few diffrent shaders and tinkered with springs and how to set them up for diffrent techneques and really wasnt getting the results I wanted. An alum NextGen half coil, Sharps Hybrid, one of Glen Flew's Colmans, one of Joey D's infinite irons, a new Carlton, a national swingate, the corsair and invader as mentioned.

They all are good, solid machines, but nothing like the Cain. Long, soft stroke, packs with ease and whips out nicely for me.

Maybe save up a little instead of dropping 2 or 3, hold off and invest it. Thats what I did, and it worked for me. But thats me. Im sure as time goes on and I progerss i may get those others tuned to preform as the Cain, but Im kinda lazy. I just wanna plug in and go.

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Posted by jazzbo on 02/09/10

well every one has there favorite,from my experience time machines are the bomb ,i would not go anyother way,but try whats out there and see for yourself

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