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pulse machine

Posted by minamismud95 on 02/01/10

has anyone aver used the septa shader? how is it? ive never used any pulse machines before and decided to give them a try, so today i called to place an order and they told me they were out of the solution(ive heard a lot of good things about this one) and they would not have anymore in stock for a week or so. so the lady asked what i planned on using it for and i told her it would bee a color machine. then she told me that the septa would be a better choice because it was built for color where as the solution is an all around machine. like i said though i have heard a lot about the solution but nothing about the septa. anyone have any experiance with this machine using it for color?

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RE:pulse machine

Posted by TattooNOW Gabe on 02/01/10

Hey, if you havnt read it yet, there is a Pulse Septa Tattoo Machine Review up on Tattoo Machines NOW...

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RE:pulse machine

Posted by minamismud95 on 02/02/10

thanks buddy :)

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RE:pulse machine

Posted by rob on 02/02/10

i use mine almost solely for solid black, it hits like a jackhammer so its pretty good for getting stuff solid with minimal effort...

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RE:pulse machine

Posted by brass balls on 02/04/10

i have both the solution and the septa..both are very nice..the solution is awesome and i use it way more than my septa..the septa has a wider armature bar and coil cores so its great for packing black n solid color..imo ive found the solution is better for smaller mags and the septa is better for the bigger stuff..i also like the new vice a LOT more than the older pivot style..

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RE:pulse machine

Posted by Ben Reigle on 02/06/10 going to be THAT guy...

there is a review for the septa @, not saying i know everything about machines, or tattooing, just expressing my thoughts on the machine that hopefully you will enjoy and find helpful.
we have a password protected forum that you should all sign up for and get involved in so we can exchange ideas and questions !
thanks for your time
Ben Reigle

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