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Tattoo machines on planes.

Posted by Liz on 01/26/10

Hey, I saw some old posts about taking tattoo machines on a plane and it seemed to be ok,just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with taking thier machines on carry on lately (i realize i would have to check in my needles and inks).
Also does it make a difference with domestic and international flights?
I have sent machines and ink from Australia before and spent a lot of money on shipping and insurance and when the boxex arrived they were badly damaged...lucky my machines were in hard cases!

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RE:Tattoo machines on planes.

Posted by Ryan on 01/26/10

I've never had problems. I'd call your airline and ask though, and I always tell the xray scanner people that I have tattoo machines, they'll usually ask you to open the case to see them but I've never had any problems.

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RE:Tattoo machines on planes.

Posted by max el gabacho on 01/27/10

I never have any problem with that (I just flight inside of europe) ....
they never ask or told me nothing...but maybe they can tell somethin as it.s a quite big piece of metal why never call it a "tattoo gun" ahahahah

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RE:Tattoo machines on planes.

Posted by Gaston @ FK Irons on 01/27/10

I flew to Singapore and Australia with 15 machines in my backpack they just asked me what they were.
The other 15 went in my suitcase that they lost for a day. So def fly with your machines with you.

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RE:Tattoo machines on planes.

Posted by Liz on 01/27/10

Cool,Thanks guys!
My new machines are running sweet Gaston and i'm not to comfortable packing them in my in my suitcase!

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RE:Tattoo machines on planes.

Posted by hawaiinpunch on 01/27/10

I just travel with them in my carry-on. I once kept them in my front pocket.

A terrorist could possibly disguise a bomb, disassembled and assembled into tattoo frames. But they dont check them.

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