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White tattoo?

Posted by Rampage on 01/09/10

I'm not sure why my other post was deleted but my main question is tattooing an all white tattoo over a stencil/ Are there issues with staining? Should I freehand it in a light color marker?

Nick, if you deleted the first one because you don't want this up for some reason, I apologize for reposting it.

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RE:White tattoo?

Posted by me on 01/09/10

i deleted it because someone was being an idiot. no worries on the repost. staining should not be an issue with the stencil.

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RE:White tattoo?

Posted by Markus on 01/09/10

agreed. stencil heals out... the pigments are tiny and will be flushed out during healing. good call on deleting the bullshit Nick.

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RE:White tattoo?

Posted by Solomon on 01/09/10

I guess that this is my fault, Ive seen alot of people go to line some flames with yellow or orange on a fresh stencil and totally stain the ligher pigments a dark purple version of whatever it was they were using. I have done this myself when I first started with pink before. Since then Ive always taken extra care to wipe the stencil almost off before using light colors and risk this happening again. I was unaware that it heals out. So I believe Im the one that said that the stencil will mix with the white if you were not careful. I must say I dont think I will ever beable to trust it to just disappear and recklessly blend stencil into my colors. I guess Im just a man of little faith. Sorry for my ignorance. I definately wasnt trying to be an asshole to the original poster.

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RE:White tattoo?

Posted by Markus on 01/10/10

how can you even try to build up some experience if you never see your shit healed? Make your customers come back for check up! that always was in my routine when i started out and still is. Come back for healed pics and a fresh up. if all looks good you will be in the book. People were always stoked to come back.

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RE:White tattoo?

Posted by solomon on 01/10/10

Ive been tattooing for 3 years and 2 months now. Id say for almost the last two years Ive made a big effort to keep track of how the tattoos Ive done are healing up. After the first time I had the staining problem with the stencil it freaked me out so bad I never let it happen again. I assumed that the pink was stained forever, so I just went the xtra mile to makes sure that it never happened again.

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