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Paco Rollins

Posted by Von Doom on 09/19/09

Has anyone had any experience with his machines?

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by cbe on 09/19/09

yes. the biggest mistake is people think that because they are cheap, they do cheap work. this is not so. quality machines from a quality guy! i own four of them, and use his semi-mag liner daily.

in fact i have actually sold off some much better known machines, and kept these.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by someguynamedthad on 09/19/09

Quality machines at a great price. Nice guy also.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by blake on 09/21/09

i've got a semi magnetic liner and a brass shader, can't say enough good things. it took a couple tattoos before i got used to the setup(stroke is longer than what i had previously used)but i have a fun using them. plus when i called to ask about springs when my front spring finally wore out, he sent a two sets of full setup a-bars and a bunch of springs no charge.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by tattoolloyd on 09/21/09

great dude, great machines, great price recomend them to anyone anywhere anytime. It stinks in here cause paco is the shit

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by michael brito on 01/05/10

yeah i think i am going to pick up that semi mag liner and brass shader because they are cheap and if they suck it's really only costing me a couple hours of they look pretty good.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by greg on 01/05/10

hey "cbe" and "blake" that semi mag liner that you guys are using is it a cutback or conventional?? im gonna get a paco liner soon and wanna know wich one people are using..thanks guys

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by rg on 01/05/10

I think Paco Rollins sells his machines out of love and not make a billion dollars.His craftmanship is excellent and his machines are priced at what they should be.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by cbe on 01/06/10

i got a cutback liner and a full frame shader.

its all in what you want the machine to do for you.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by tattman93 on 01/07/10

paco is super nice, i have used several of his machines, and have turned several of my artist friends on to them, they like them, i never tried the semi automatic liner... but his reg liners are good.. i can vouch for that , they line like butter. the shaders are punchy and pack color like a mofo... so... better for color than black and grey, an old worn out micky sharpz telephone dial is good for that.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by blake on 01/09/10

i've got a cutback semi-magnetic liner. i've used it for for lining(1-14) and even mags(5-9) with good results.

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RE:Paco Rollins

Posted by Jimmy on 01/09/10

I have a liner and a shader. Both are solid machines... At one point I used both of them nearly every day. Great machines... I messed the coils of my liner up so I replaced it with my pulse Watson. (I need to send it back) When I first opened the box I thought Paco was fucking with me because the stroke was so long. The spring was super stiff so it needed to be broken it a bit. After some monkeying around and a few kickstarts, I got it running super smooth.

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