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Tatsoul or just me?

Posted by Gregg38 on 09/14/09

Hello guys,
Is anyone having problem with beds or chairs from this company?
I just want to know if it's my usual plain bad luck or if anyone is experiencing sudden wreckage with the product.


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RE:Tatsoul or just me?

Posted by ltd on 09/14/09

Their artist chairs deffinatly. The wheels they come with self destruct pretty fast, which is an easy fix but then the inserts the replacment castors fit into that are tacked to the frame slop out prematurly aswell. We've had these issues with 2 chairs a little over a year old each. Also the main seal in one of the pumps went bad, but TatSoul set a replacement, pretty sure they covered the cost.

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RE:Tatsoul or just me?

Posted by jay on 09/17/09

i noticed the client chair to be too tall for anyone to reach there feet on the floor unless your in the nba

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RE:Tatsoul or just me?

Posted by dread on 10/14/09

they suck and are over priced.

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RE:Tatsoul or just me?

Posted by Jose Morales on 10/14/09

The current shop I work at now recieved 3 of the hydraulic chairs about a month ago and the artist that use them now say they love them. They are about to order 4 more for the rest of the shop. I was offered one of the first three, but I just rather keep using what I'm using. One of the chairs makes a terrible noise when it gets pumped to be raised. I personally would hate to get used to them, then have it get all jacked up on me.

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RE:Tatsoul or just me?

Posted by Bobsugar on 12/28/09

the new artist chairs fixed the wheel problem so it's been really nice working on them. if you get a client chair, get the 370. amazing chair... very versatile and very comfortable. overall, they make great gear. they also started a supply company and i hear good things about their needles.

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