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blues and yellows

Posted by ectattoo on 12/09/09

I have always had the worst time time to put in large areas of blue or yellow. I have used a few different brands of ink, and right now I have been using eternal. Every other color I have no trouble getting solid fields. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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RE:blues and yellows

Posted by andrewc on 12/09/09

I havent tried my eternal yellow just yet but ive used kuro sumi koi yellow they look to be about the same color in the bottle but the kuro sumi works great its a nice traditional looking yellow in my opinion its definitly worth a try

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RE:blues and yellows

Posted by greg on 12/10/09

eternals bright yellow is about the only color i dont like from them,i also never got the results i was looking for.. so try starbrights canary yellow,its very thin and goes in easy and heals great...eternals true blue is really nice and so is starbrights country blue..

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RE:blues and yellows

Posted by ltd on 12/10/09

Fowlers Lt Blue and golden yellow give me better results than alot of other pigments Ive tried in the past, but I do think its all relitive to your hand movement and machine tuning. I tried a few from Capobonicao and Litwalk and I know they are great pigments, just not suited for where Im at with my colour saturation.

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RE:blues and yellows

Posted by rob on 12/10/09

Starbrite is in my opinion, the bees knees. midnight, country and powder blues from them are probably the best ive used. just slow down and pack that stuff in nice and evenly, and youll get the results you're after. Starbrites canary yellow is the king of yellow pigments. That stuff is ridiculously easy to put in and like the other guy said, it heals great. Super bright and creamy looking. Give Starbrites stuff a try if you havent already.

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RE:blues and yellows

Posted by ectattoo on 12/10/09

Thank you all for your advice...I am definitely going to try some other brands for yellow and blue...A good friend of mine told me to try starbright also for the yellow...I have had great results with eternal on smaller pieces but it seems on bigger pieces, with large areas of blue or yellow I could not get it to stay consistent or go in evenly...for example, I am working on a leg sleeve that has a huge sky scene that was extremely difficult to get the blue in...I've looked at the kuri sumi colors, but was a little hesitant on using them because I never really heard anything about them, although I do love there black....been using it for years now.....thanks again

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RE:blues and yellows

Posted by tommy on 12/11/09

if you look up the godzilla on my myspace page, you can see almost every blue in the Classic Colors range. they all went in smooth.

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