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rotary vs coils

Posted by steve on 11/26/09

to fallen king
i like to ask you if is possible tunning a coil machine with more powerfull hit than a rotary.
thanks in advance

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RE:rotary vs coils

Posted by Gaston @ FK Irons on 11/27/09

Hey there. Interesting question...
My first answer would be yes but I would question: why?
But here goes a bit of physics that explain why a Coil machine could be tune like a rotary.

If you are talking about a simple rotary with fixed non giving stroke what would need to happen f(and this is at a glance from the top of my head because I never tuned anything like that) would be to put the hardest top spring available.

The harder the spring the less the machine would give in, therefore giving you a similar punch to a rotary, but I would also need to experiment with the rear spring. Probably I would load a machine with a heavy abar, 22 in the back and 24 at the top.

The machine would probably need a lot more power and heat could be a problem.
depending how long your stroke, compression is.
With this said, it's always good to experiment and some times trial and error proves you right/wrong depending what your expectations were.

If I would ever needed a coil machine to run like a rotary I would just pick any rotary from ebay and leave my coil machine alone. I buy a lot of crap on ebay just for the sake of taking shit apart and figuring out how they are built. I have all kinds of rotaries with fixed stroke and to tell you the truth there is no much of a difference or at least I don't see difference between an expensive or cheap rotary because I don't use rotaries machine.

I know that some rotaries have control over the give and stroke, so that would be another story.

I can pretty much tune my coils to run how I want them, but a fix rotary I believe has a 99-100 DC. With this said if you want to match that duty cycle on a coil machine a lot of things need to go "traditionally wrong" for that to happen.

Again never built anything like that, just guestimating.

Hope this help.

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RE:rotary vs coils

Posted by steve on 11/27/09

i try some rotarys ,the best i found is the hawk.this machine have a little give.
i ask you this because i hate the rotarys speed
i like punchy machines but slow ones.the rotarys like hawk is very fast for my taste
i like nothing faster than 80hz
in some skins i sometimes like to use 70hz.

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