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Iron Frame

Posted by TIMBER on 10/17/09

Hey Guys

Wonder if you could help me out, like most of you have a few machines laying around collecting dust. Reciently I picked up one of my machines that was given to me during my apprenticeship (given to me to rebuild and mess around with, etc.) It has an iron fram and I set it up as a slow and punchy shader/ color machine, it runs great for the first hour or so and then it seems to loose some juice. From what I've been reading it seems that this is caused by the frame becoming magnitized. (because it is iron)

Here are my questions.

1) is there any way to prevent this iron frame from becoming magnitized?

2) If I were to replace the coils with shorty's, then use brass shims and insulate the coil screws from the frame, and use a yoke under the coils, would this keep the frame from becoming magnitized? and thus keep the machine running at full juice?

I really don't want to get rid of the frame, I love the look of her and it does have some sentimental value.


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RE:Iron Frame

Posted by munkey spunk on 10/18/09

happens to my sharpz dial.just take it to a store that has a demagnetiser and give it a pass or for me.for that reason i kinda like brass.

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RE:Iron Frame

Posted by TIMBER on 10/19/09

Yea, I use brass or aluminum all the time now, but was just wondering if there is something I can do to fix the iron frames I have laying around.

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RE:Iron Frame

Posted by DeputyDog on 10/19/09

What stores/shops have a Degmagnitizer, let alone someone smart enough to understand what we are trying to do?

I have an Aaron Cain Arcantha liner that always craps out about 20 minutes into a session.

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RE:Iron Frame

Posted by TIMBER on 10/19/09

I've read about going to a store like Walmart and putting the machines on the counter top demagnitizer. (used for their security tags) But really wouldn't this only be a temporary fix? I'm looking for a lasting solution.

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