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LS or SS for black and grey...

Posted by mr pimpn on 10/07/09

Ive seen people working with long strokes and short strokes for black and grey... I wan wondering if I can get some people to drop some science on the pros and cons of either or... I tend to grab for the ss most the time.....!

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RE:LS or SS for black and grey...

Posted by Omar on 10/07/09

Well the truth is that each setup belongs to a different particular technique.
For Example myself I used to run my shaders low with a long throw for black and grey. that allowed me to minimized errors with every swing. That gave me more confidence and allowed me to build up my work as I was able to kind of test my work with every stroke. As I felt confident with the style I inclined to faster shader because I was able to expedite the work and use a "sketching/ brush off time of technique"

Fast shaders are good if you master the slower pace machine.
I wouldn't recommend to anyone to jump in to a fast machine for color or shading if they don't have the slower technique down.

Again go as fast as you are confident with the piece.

My .2 cents.

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RE:LS or SS for black and grey...

Posted by mr pimpin on 10/07/09

thanks,,,... great answer... much appreciated ......!

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RE:LS or SS for black and grey...

Posted by tattoolloyd on 10/07/09

I don't think there is one answer to this question. 1st, what are you used to doing, second, black n grey is a broad term. "Powder", what I call the softest of shades all the way out to dark washes, again, no "one" answer. 3rd-- and the most important, what is the client"s skin type, this can be a bitch. 4th location, where on the body is it going? Lots of variables, instinct and experience, my thought is that almost every question about advanced techniques can really bebrought back to instinct and experience. We know right away if something is or isn't working. I don't like to see good artists limited because someone said "longstroke is the way to go." keep inkin no matter fuckin what Lloyd

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RE:LS or SS for black and grey...

Posted by mr pimpin on 10/08/09


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