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Eikon green monster

Posted by fvkdi on 01/01/07

Hey guys,

I have been a fan of Eikon supplies for a long while now. I see that the Green Monster machine is available and I am wondering if anyone had tried it out yet. If so how is it, and which have you tried. I am thinking about getting the shading machine, but can't find a soul who has set one up. Thanks everyone..

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by davey on 01/01/07

i bet they are decent machines if built well. One thing i have heard though is that the paint on the vice makes the tubes slip a little. It may not hold true for everyone, but i would imagine a little sand paper or a file could fix that up quick.

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by lurk on 01/03/07

If you havnt got tattoo machines and there secrets I suggest getting it first before buying the eikon kits. I just got the book and it is really informative and super cheap. I to plan on ordering a couple kits from eikon. Just a word of advice. Thanks - lurk

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by me_again on 01/11/07

this might help:

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by Thom on 08/29/08

I have and built the Liner and the color machines and really like them.
the paint in the vice sucks but they run great. I am also using the EMS 250.
Recently, after reading how many Volts guys are running (13v+) and feeling my tattoo time was a little slow I have been moving up my volts from 7v to 9v for my liner...the speed reading was good (135hz liner) on the ems at 7v and the machine sounded good so not wanting to damage skin Thats as high as I was going but now at 9v its about the same hz but my lines are alot cleaner.
9v is a long way off from 13v but these machines have 8 wrap coils...has any one else found this to be true? is anyone pushing them harder?

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by Fallen King Irons on 08/29/08

Something I mentioned to Nick yesterday:
Tattoo machines are not a standard device. Different makers, parts, weights make all tattoo machine have their own "User manual" This means that what it works for one machine it may not work for another one ,even if they are from the same builder or model.

I tell people to run their machines to where the machine feels that is working right. There is not right or wrong voltage. Swearing by standards or by what works for this or that artists is the wrong way to make your machine perform right.

Learn to listen to your gear and feel it. Turn up or down the voltage "until your machine feels right"

A machine with more wraps will always require more voltage, More wraps stands for higher "ohms" in electronic terms.
"A unit of electrical resistance equal to that of a conductor in which a current of one ampere is produced by a potential of one volt across its terminals."

If people dear to understand that it would be easier to understand a machine.
Try, try and try, and don't follow trends, follow what works for your style of tattooing and machine.

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by demonkilla on 10/02/09

They're great I have a long stroke liner. Its the best machine I have used so far .
It was money well spent. $146.00 gonna buy the shader and color packer next.
I do recommend using thier power supply as well. It runs good with my power supply, but definately runs better using an eikon power supply .

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RE:Eikon green monster

Posted by lado on 10/02/09

I`ve had the liner and shader as well. The liner was ok, but I couldnt make the the shader run clean and consistent with the tru spring set up. I put there A.Cain springs and armature bar set up and its the most versatile and consistent shader I ever had.

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