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Talon Power supplies

Posted by mjollnir9 on 09/18/09

What do you guys think of Talon? I recently picked up a mini, and so far am impressed... American made, stainless steel case, and the size of a cigarette pack (funny, I just quit smoking...). I like the simplicity, and find it refreshing to use, instead of focusing on volts and FT and ...aaarrgh! Just turn the dial, and go. His clipcord is super too, very tight.

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RE:Talon Power supplies

Posted by TJ on 09/19/09

Good supply but after long sessions of tattooing the actual case heats up and for some reason stops working until it cools down.
I love it but I got tired after I experience the same problem with two of them.
They are advertised as made in USA but the actual external power supply is made in china like all of them. The actual case is just the hub to plug your foot pedal and machine the rest is china. I just picked up a mini one from eBay a bit bigger but don't have the heat issue and it runs good. Oh and the actual supply is in the case so no extra piece on the floor. You plug it strait fro the case to the wall.

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RE:Talon Power supplies

Posted by mjollnir9 on 09/19/09

Yeah, I scoped the power supply itself as Chinese. The box is nice so far, and simple. How long of sessions were you doing when experiencing overheating?

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RE:Talon Power supplies

Posted by mjollnir9 on 09/25/09

...I used my Talon for a total of 9 hours yesterday, with 2 20 minute breaks, and not a hint of overheating. Still happy!

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RE:Talon Power supplies

Posted by Ryan on 09/25/09

The owner of my shop had one, started acting inconsistent and sputtering power flow problems developed after close to a year. I'd make sure whatever you buy has a warrantee. Personally, I tend to suggest power supplies from critical, pulse, or eikon.

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RE:Talon Power supplies

Posted by zerosum on 09/26/09

..pulse is the shit. had it for 5 years now without a single prob. good buy.

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