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black ink "one"

Posted by g-star on 07/26/09

i use one black ink for most of my work, even line with it, never had any problems. i was just looking to order some and noticed it said warning not for lining.
i know its a highly concentrated ink nut ive not had any issues, so why the 'warning'

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RE:black ink

Posted by rhendrickson on 07/27/09

I lined with it for a while with great success but I had one client where the ink kinda bled out into the area around the tattoo almost as if its a bruise but seems to be ink. there was no blowouts in the lines and this is a person who have been working on for some time with no other problems using other inks. I stoped using one after that not wanting the same thing to happen again.

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RE:black ink

Posted by Chris on 07/27/09

I just went on the Kinpin site and didnt see anything about "WARNINGS" i have used ONE for a long time and it works fine for lining, shading and coloring and mixing with colors!! keep using it bro!!

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RE:black ink

Posted by g-star on 07/27/09

nah i saw it on a another companys site that distibutes it. just thought it a bit odd, i dropped a bottle few months ago all over the shop floor, you wont believe how long it took to clean my boss was not happy.

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RE:black ink

Posted by yoda99 on 07/27/09

yea i dropped that shit too. took forever to clean up but love it for lining and shading

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RE:black ink

Posted by munkey spunk on 08/09/09

yeah i noticed the same "bruising effect".after 5 years of consistant results.bumer guess its back to talens for now.

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RE:black ink

Posted by greg on 08/11/09

i actually just ordered some from kingpin,ive never used it before..

hey "rhendrickson" or "monkeyspunk", did you only notice the "bruising effect" while using it for lining???

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RE:black ink

Posted by r hendrickson on 08/11/09

yes it was lining, It was on a complete sleave and the only part of the sleave that did that was some lettering i did with the the one ink. I lined the rest using dragons blood by intense and silverback black with no problems, be carefull, like i said never had that happen to me so??? Try silver back. It takes a bit longer to heal but heals really dark

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RE:black ink

Posted by munkey spunk on 08/12/09

yep i was lineing a belly piece and was like WTF!?strange because ive had such good results with ONE and used it for a while.maybee a bad batch?some one should let kingpin in on this.
whats up with dragons blood?I used tallens before but am open to try a new product.

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RE:black ink

Posted by r hendrickson on 08/12/09

every one in my shop seems to like it, i just thought I would try the silver back black. I used to use talens and i would say that both silver back black and dragons blood is better.

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RE:black ink

Posted by Zooded on 08/24/09

Ive tried "one" a few times, always liked it. I never saw a warning that it wasnt for lining and never had a problem lining with it. But its been a few months or so, maybe a year, did they changed it? The website suggests lining with it.
Main reason I didnt keep using it was because they only sell it in 4oz bottles, for some reason that annoys the shit outta me.

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RE:black ink

Posted by fronkie on 09/10/09

I used "One" for a couple years, noticed the same "bruising" affect myself. I've switched to Kuro Sumi black and it's intensely darker and I haven't had any problems with it. It's actually not terribly hard to clean up, but when I dilute it with water to make a grey wash I have to be very careful not to put in more than about 3 drops or it will be indistinguishable from black.

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RE:black ink

Posted by rhendrickson on 09/10/09

ive been super stoked on silver backs black

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